philly ride

anyone down?

I’m always down. What kind of ride? Trials? 36? Muni?

i was thinking trials around u penn. how dose that sound?

UPenn sounds good to me. I’m like 15 minutes away.

What happened to the other Philly guys? Where’s S.W.A.T.?

i have not talked to anyone in over a year. i havent been on my unicycle for almost a year to

welcome back to reality. I hope to have you out for some more great riding sometime soon.

Did you break both of your legs or something? Why did you go a whole year without riding?

hey i go to rowan, so i am not that far from philly,
let me know the details if anything happens. I have never done trails before, but i would have no problem starting

yeah a long time ago. but i have just been doing other stuff. Im going to u pen saterday morning if anyone wants to meet up.

What time? Where at UPenn? I’ll see if I’m motivated enough to make it. Tim said he might be able to come too but his wife is preggers and due any day now.