Phatphluid~ An excellent alternative to Royal Blood for Magura HS33s!

New in, released just today to the public is Phatphluid which is a brake fluid designed specially and specifically by one of the most well known UK trials riders under his new company.

So why the need for this fluid?
Royal Blood by Magura and other mineral oils feel mushy, thick, and makes the lever give a delayed response. This is why you’ll find that trials riders who bleed their HS33s with plain water have a MUCH snappier and nicer feeling lever… but water is not ideal as it freezes in the cold and also causes damages to the seals inside the Magura system. Mineral Oils like Royal Blood or Shimano pink just to name two, also contribute to ‘arm pump’ which is a horrible sensation you get in the forearms after extended use of pulling the lever on and off during a day out riding. Phatphluid gives an arguably better and lighter feel to pulling the lever than even plain water plus it doesn’t freeze until below -10c!

So, this new Phatphluid is water based with some other chemicals… will it damage my seals?
Short answer is NO. Mike@Phatworks has tested this fluid since early 2008 and pretty much every trials rider who’s had a go on his bikes have loved the feel of Phatphluid. So far, seal damage has been totally avoided, so this really is an ideal fix to replace pesky mineral oil!

How much does it cost?
Only £10 for a 300ml bottle, which works out cheaper than Magura oil at least in the UK. £2 for postage within UK and £4 worldwide. £3 for rest of Europe! Bargain.

As a sceptic of using custom aftermarket parts for a lot of components, this Phatphluid is the ONLY alternative to mineral oil that I’d ever consider in my brakes. The fact that it has a great, light, responsive feel to the lever is reason enough to ditch Royal Blood or other mineral oils. Same time, no damage to the seals like plain water, antifreeze, or Dot fluid!

Muni riders, consider this the next best upgrade for your Maguras!

Full info and ordering on the site!

Sounds like an interesting substitute for Magura Blood. I might get some to try out.