Phantom Pull

I recently upgraded from a Kenda to a Gazz, and now I feel a strange pull to the left a bit. It’s just enough to be annoying at first I thought it was my backpack, but I still get the feeling when I’m without it. Another friend of mine upgraded his tire as well, and he feels the same pull. Do we need to get a feel for it or something? or are we just cursed

Just a bonehead guess:

Your old tires (yours and your friend’s) may have worn unevenly due to excessive “favoring” - do you guys turn one direction more often than another? Hop to one side more often? Do you have a “gangsta lean”? :stuck_out_tongue:

Watch your new tire for wear on one side vs. the other… or test my hypothesis with your old tire by mounting it in the opposite direction of rotation, and see if you notice another phantom pull.

Does the pull to the left only occur on crowned roads? Is it accompanied by a tilt or lean to the right? You’re in the US, right?

I notice that pull also with my 26x3 Gazz, But only on pavement. It’s grand in the dirt.


Just keep riding, it will go away. Same thing used to happen to me when I would ride a friends unicycle or any unicycle set up fairly differently than mine for any long distance. The unicycle would be tilted at like a 70 degree angle and I would be constantly falling to that side. I think it was caused by unfamiliar pressure and seat height for me.

I think the favoring might have something to do with it. I’m a bit of an ambiturner. I also noticed that the saddle wasn’t straight on the seat today. I’ll have to work on wearing it evenly though, thanks peeps. My lean was pretty gangsta though…

That is the same advice U-Turn gave to me when I was having pulling problems with my new custom 36. His recommendation was correct.