Phantom hoppley review+cool pics

Review: first thoughts-looks strong/sturdy and is PINK

After some hard riding this uni is just as good as new. the cranks are SUPER strong and the hub is also. I think that it will last quite a while seeing that after some failed attempts-kicking the uni away from me on 5 foot ledges and it is completely unscathed.


The ladies like it too.

Nice lookin’ uni! If you really wanna put it through some stress testing, you can let me ride it :smiley:

Sorry to burst your bubble, but that is a 05 KH cranks set. Meaning that they are weakish, and if you ever bend/break them, it’s a bloody pain to get a replacement. It would have been Sooooo much better if you had gotten the nimbus trials.

The hoppley is the unicycle that UDC puts it’s unwanted and out of date parts on.

Kris thickened the tubing on the last batch of the 05/06 cranks, I wouldn’t say these are any weaker than the koxx street cranks and just as good for flat. Sweet uni.

Take the freaking warning label off the seatpost though! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, first sets would bend from rolling hops. After he increased the tubing thickness by a few mm they stopped breaking.

Im sure UDC is shipping these with the thicker cranks. I dont think they want to go trhoguh the trouble the older cranks caused.

1st of all. I DO have a nimbus trials uni with moments.

My parents set it up before I got home and I took pics immediately.

it is MUCH more colorful than it looks in the pics. My brother-6’4" 195lbs took it off a 4ft ledge and the cranks did not bend or anything.

Maybe i will P.C.

Not in the picture :wink:

Nice uni :slight_smile:

that cycle was made to get rid of old merchandise (hub and crank set)

turns out to be a cool looking cycle and worked out for the buyer and the sel

…and i chose the color for those who care

How is it a bloody pain?

Its not, he just felt like being cool, and acting like he knew something nobody else did. Which is wrong. They have a warentee on them. (however you spell that).