Personal Unicycle Webpages

I did some searching and couldn’t find a good post about this topic. The topic is personal unicycling webpages, so I just want everyone to post a link to their unicycling websites. Pretty easy, eh? Now post, mama, post!!!

I personally don’t have a uni page, but I am creating one as we speak…err…type…


There is an Unicycling Affiliations List thread with many club links.

I haveTHIS
Its nothing on it, and it is located on a friend´s ftp server. Other than that it´s great.

You need to look at it in something like fullscreen to see what it should look like.

In your profile there is a field in which a link to your personal webpage can be made. Many of the people who post to the fora have this field filled or they may have a link in their signature line. Just check their user profiles or signature lines.

the rest of the site is still under construction so don’t be surprised if you end up at dead links clicking around.

it’s time for a make over on it though

Munipsycho dot com

Main Site

Photo Gallery

The official webpage of the unicycling basketball team the Puerto Rico All Stars!

Carlos - not much on unicycling yet but it’s under construction.

Re: Personal Unicycle Webpages
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Here’s my new site that I posted on the web about 5 minutes ago. It took me about 15 minutes to put it together today. Nothing much, it just fits the amount of time it took.

Personal unicycling website

And if you’re first there, see our new movie, UNODUO (under the “see our movies” category.