personal problem

hey i have personal problem when unicycling its kinda embarising, please om me if you think you might be able to help

I’m guessing it involves ur nuts…but ya go ahead and shoot

you should check ur pms

Topics invovling nuts have been discussed before. Do a search…

aw, you should just post it here. now you’ve got me interested and I’m too lazy to PM you, and I probably couldn’t help anyway! :stuck_out_tongue:

Get married…then you wife will cut them off and put them in her purse :smiley:

It may not be genital related. Keep in mind there is another sensitive skin area down there that can have serious problems…

How do you people know he’s not talking about a colostomy bag? You’d feel pretty foolish then, wouldn’t ya?

Colostomy bag!!! Whoa whoa whoa, I don’t know where you’re from but from where I come from, we speak simple english. Colostomy is like a 9 letter word, almost 10. Please… limit yourself to a max of 8. It makes all of our lives easier.

His hair gel might not be holding up while riding :smiley:

I can understand how that can be embarrasing…UniManiac try hair wax or do what I do…Shave it all off…No helmet hair as well…

Use a 1-2-4or5 part mix of Elmers white glue, sugar, and water. Itr should be pretty runny when its all mixed, and lightly applied to all of the hair. It works great for mohawks up to a foot or two.

Yah uno I just heard that in regina some women tied her husband or bf up and cut his wang off and flushed it haha then they somehow like, retreaved it and put it back on. And a year before that some girl ripped some guys balls of cuz he went to a party with another girl…

moral of the story?

Theres worse things for your genitalia than unicycling.

he probably doesn’t have legs

Maybe he has the same problem as me, 3 legs!!!


Obie is hung like a donkey.:smiley:

more like a mule, yeah?

This thread has taken a decidely odd turn.

Kinda like the head in your avatar?..heh…head

How do you know this?