Performance Festival for Variety Artists

I am helping to produce a performance festival. It is a four day event for
variety entertainers. There will be workshops, lectures, lots of shows. It
should be lots of fun, and very informative. Please try to attend. Please
forward it to everyone you feel may have an interest in this.

Thank you,

Announcing… A Performance Festival

You have the skills… Here is your chance to hone the performance.

November 9-12, 2000 Baltimore, Maryland

MotionFest… Physicality and the Performing Arts

World Renowned Instructors, Expert Lecturers, Shows, Forums, Agents, Parties…

Street Performing at Harborplace available by request

This is a can’t miss event.

Visit our website, , to see who we are, what
we are all about, additional information, and registration instructions.

Partial List of Instructors:

Bob Berky–Physical comedian Dick Monday–Former director Of RBBB Circus Clown
College Tony Montarnaro–Mime instructor/author Debra Brown–Choreographer for
Cirque du Soleil Robert Nelson–Expert street performer Max Howard–Brilliant
combination actor and magician Dody DiSanto–LeCoq trained director Tim
Furst–Long haired hippy juggler Tom Casciero–Voice technique for the variety
artist Bob Yoho–Makeup technique for stage (not clowns and traditional mimes)
Ruth Mae Finch–Intellectual property–copyrighting material, trademarks Brian
McNelis–Promotional materials, dealing with agents Chip Franklin–Comedy
writing Jim Dorman–Beginning and advanced theater tech and more being added
all the time

Let us know what you think


See you at MotionFest

Todd Strong (West Coast Coordinator) Michael Rosman (East Coast Coordinator)

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