perfect Coker gel seat cover

After three days of Cokering; uphill, downhill, gravel, etc…my rear and crotch area was about to mutiny never to sit on a uni again. Then, purely by chance, I discovered while shopping at REI, a Trisco Gel Seat Cover(size-large).
The side does sticks out a bit, however after tightening it BAM! My own gel seat, WHOA WHO!!
It fits snuggly on my stock viscount seat. What a difference that makes!
I can now ride my Coker from infinity and … !
No more waiting for KH gel seat to be available here in US!
Check out the before and after photos:

you tried distance cokering on a viscount? you were surprised by the groin mutiny? air seat all the way. gem crest leather cover for the extra serious.