peoples hopping hights

i would like to know peoples hopping hights…

please list the kind of hops you can do and how high.

seat in front

seat in front(with prehop)

seat in

seat in(with prehop)

rolling hop

no handed hop

seat out rolling hop

these are abnormal hops

hop on tire

ultimate wheel hop

bc wheel hop

jump off a ramp uni/uw/bc

Jumping off a ramp: lately I have been practicing jumping over a little kicker with my 24" muni. I don’t line up my pedal positioning or pull up on the seat because I am trying to use only speed. Right know I can get about 6" of above the ramp. Its a lot on fun!

I wonder how well tha would work with a Coker…

When I hop normally my height, including the unicycle is about six and one half feet. When I hop standing on the wheel I’m about seven and a half feet tall.:wink:

SIF Prehop: 32"
SIF no prehop: 30"
SIF Rolling hop: ~28"
Rolling Hop: 32-33"
Sidehop Seat In (prehopped): 20"
Sidehop seat in (no prehop): 16"
Off a ramp: maybe 28" (really I’d just rolling hop as if it were flat, but the extra slope would reduce the height)

seat out: 12 or something
haven’t tried doing prehop w/ that
seat in no prehop: 14-15
seat in with prehop-17
forward hop-11
rolling hop:10 or something small. never tried it on something much larger than a curb.

SIF Prehop: ~23"
SIF no prehop: ~21"
SIF Rolling hop: Never really tried
Rolling Hop: 14’’ or so … never given it heavy practice
Sidehop Seat In (prehopped): Never tried
Sidehop seat in (no prehop): 14-15"

Re: peoples hopping hights

seat in front: About 20 inches

seat in front(with prehop): Haven’t tried in ages

seat in: About 15 inches, but haven’t tried in ages

seat in(with prehop): About 20 inches, but haven’t tried in ages

rolling hop: About 20 inches

no handed hop: Not very high, about five inches, maybe

seat in front: 22’’

seat in front(with prehop): 25’’

seat in: 14’’

seat in(with prehop): 18’’

rolling hop: 21’’

no handed hop: 11’’