people and watching you ride

i ride a lot by my grandma’s house and my house and every time i ride i have some one either stop and watch or ask me if it is hard to ride. Like this one little boy today stood outside for ever and watched me practice a few mounts and stuff. Then he went inside for a minute then came stright back out to watch me. I was just wondering if it happened to you all or if it just happened to me.

yeah i have had people watch me. a lot of times i hear little kids yell comments to their friends like “WHOA look that kid is riding a tricycle” or “WHOA a unicycler”

No, it’s not just you. Riding a unicycle anywhere in public is among the most effective means known for drawing attention to yourself. If you on the unicycle, and a guy with a live stegosaurus on a leash, are both going through a crowded park, half of the people there will still be pointing at you.

ahahaha so true !!

me and my mate max were riding in the city on the weekend and up ahead there was a street performer with a fair bit of a crowd watchin him with smiles!!

and as soon as me and max came within 10 metres of him, a heap of the crowd turned and looked at us!!
We then felt a little bad coz we had stolen his crowds attention so we immediatly got off the uni’s!!

we walked up to the show and then the guy who was doing the street performance was a bit of a natural funny man, so he called me and max over, i stayed where i was watching and max walked over, and the street performer gave max his juggling hats and then walked over and sat on a bench, intending max to finish the show for him!!

it was hilarious, coz Max had a go at doing something and it didnt work so he gave up!!

we watched the rest of the show and at the end, the street performer let as have a shot of his giraffe :slight_smile:

turned out a good weekend

This happens to me all the time, one time i was riding near a park which is just a mile or two away from my house, and there was a wedding happening, then like 5 guys ran towards me and were asking about them, and i let them try to ride =p

Also, when im riding to a store, around a store, sometimes in the store =p at school, anywhere there are ppl i will always get ppl just having to double-take or just stop and watch for a while, others come up and ask to try it or i give them information about them so if they get interested enough to buy one, then i get the comments that im sure everyone on the forum surely knows of.

I love riding around and noticing other ppl noticing me, makes ya all warm and fuzzy on the inside! lol

Yesterday we had a trials ride at Gasworks Park, the setting of some of the UniVerse scenes. Jim Robert’s stepson, Nate, was in town. There were more people photographing us than I have ever seen before. Lots of folks asking questions, too.

ohhh yes. more than once I’ve been riding my coker down the sidewalk, and a car literally slows down and drives along side me at about 10 miles per hour for a minute. it was very akward.

I ride with Matt (dudewithasock) at a park near his house, and we can always hear some “hey, it’s the unicycle dudes!” as we approach, and then the dissapointed “look, there they go” as we leave…I think it’s pretty funny, and pretty awesome too
unicycling rocks

yea i think every unicyclist evan ones just starting get some typ of comment

i myself have been rideing for almost 3 years now

and i have heard almost everything like i remember little kids tell there parent “look a tricycle!” (some times parents to kids)

but i thought i had everything untill about 2 weeks ago i was rideing to the store to get soem pop and on the way back this woman pulled over jumped out and said" he i probably look like a total lunitic", (i said yea…)" but i work at the renesonce fair in 9 mile(spokane washington) and im incharge of the kids department"… “would u like a job to ride around and entertain kids…?”

now has anybody ever pulled u over and offered u a job right there on the spot…?

That’s rpetty awesome…did you take it?

yea i did its a summer job for the month of june


Things that are rare and unusual really do get a lot of extra attention. It’s been literally months since I’ve seen anyone with a live stegosaurus on a leash:p

They’re everywhere in Texas…it’s becoming a problem
Destroying all the plants and such

I’ve been unicycling properly for all of two weeks now, and even at the stage of just being able to ride it and only being able to free-mount the odd time; people still are intrigued. It’s a great feeling and I hope that when I get better, the reactions will get better aswell.

Heh, that happens to me sometimes too, though I’m just on my 29. Kind of unnerving.

We had a small unicycling gathering (2 people!) yesterday, both had a day of school, and met for the first time to ride!

Both of us had a few tries of jumping down “apberget”

Niklas and not me in the picture… not the blood-donating bus in the background!
And we had quite a few people staying and watching…
An old lady said to her fellow-old lady “That will never go!” I jumped down it, rode in a nice circle around them and said quietly “Sure it will…”

But that was the only bad-person we met, lots of people were interested and nice! :slight_smile:

I know what you mean!

The guy standing on the left in this picture, followed us round all day! We practically had to ask him to leave us alone!

ahahah wen me and my mate max were ridin in the city on the weekend…
wen we found a good place to have a session, max being the rolling hopper (street rider) me being the sif hopper (trials rider) we had many asian tourists or ppl passing thru with cameras stopping and full-on taking pictures like paparazzi !!!

at one point we were riding along and a group of italian guys in there 20-30’s asked us to give them a demo, and then they filmed it all and clapped and were very happy.!!

i live in the stix, so there is nobody to watch me! but When i go in town and ride tons of people watch…some i like to watch…some…no way!