Pennsylvania riders information

Hey if you know where Leola Pa is, and can get there, heres good news you may not know. On Sunday October 19th theres gonna be a ride the rain date is October 26th…

Location: Leola Elementary School (back parking lot & gym)
11 School Drive
Leola, PA 17540

Registration at 2:00 PM Helmets are required for
Ride at 2:30 PM for all riders
Performances at 5:00 PM
Refreshments available

Inquiries can be directed to Marti Beiler at (717) 656-9264

It sounds like it’ll be fun, I can’t actually ride, but it’ll be cool to meet a bunch of people who can, and have fun. So if you can find it and wanna come, cool, see you there!


hey, i have a friend in PA. Is this near Harrisburg?

-Eric (lived a year in Carlisle)

I’m going.

Leola is in Lancaster. (Well, just outside of it I guess)

How far is Lancaster from Harrisburg? Not far I don’t think.

David Ramos will be there, and Marti and Jason Beiler. They’re the only ones I know. David said there will be a lot of younger kids because some schools in Lancaster do unicycling for gym.


I’m going too! :slight_smile:

Dave Lowell (uni57)


Are you riding your 29er? I’m riding mine. I guess it’s going to be really slow paced but I want to ride it just for fun.



I have a new rule which is in effect until further notice: “only ride the MUni.”

I could be talked into breaking my one-and-only rule. I love going really slow on the 29er. In fact, I love my 29er so much that I had to make the rule – because the other unicycles were getting lonely. I’m focusing on MUni exclusively (which means, besides actually MUni-ing, riding it as much as possible (everywhere) to get used to that long-cranked, Gazz-clad, seat-lowered, clawed, non-29-inch beast.)

I’ll have to think about it, but I think I’ll be riding the MUni. But I may end up seeing you with your 29er and regret not having mine.

Dave Lowell (uni57)

directions ( kind of )

Leola is in Lancaster County, which is near Harrisburg seeing as how the states pretty big, on my map it’s between Harrisburg and Philly. If you take the turnpike and get off at Morgantown, take route 23 towards Lancaster city, looks like it’s south, or east, you’ll hit Leola eventually. I don’t know where school drive is, or the elemetary school, but at work we have more detailed maps, also theres maps online that are helpfull. If anyone needs to have better directions i’m gonna go looking for exactly where it is, and I can help you find it hopefully.

Hey I was practicing tonight, along a fence as usual. I can ride for a good distance till I bail out. I was wondering though. They say to put all your weight on the seat, are you supposed to try to sit, kinda like on a bicycle, or look more like you standing. I also heard that your supposed to keep your back straight, so I try to remember that. I’m at the point where theres certain times everything seems to fall into place and i’m out there riding without having to hold onto anything. It’s pretty fun.

If nothing else i’ll be mounting, riding short distances, then bailing, but having fun the whole way.


more directions

hey, if you go here, you should be able to find the school, or at least the road.

SWEET! I live in the United States too! :smiley:

yeah yeah yeah…

Thank you very much for that sarcasm. Ok, heres what I did…

I found two maps I liked, one of the major roads around the school, then a closer view of school drive. I wanted to save them and put them here, but I didn’t know how. Map quest said I could email the map to people, so I emailed it to myself, but it only gave me a link, and I noticed they both had the same link. So I put the link on here, and yes, I did notice that the link takes you to a map of the US, thank you very much. But if you have the town, the road name, and map quest, you can find your way to the ride.