Pele's MiniVids

Eh, Vimeo is overrated.

Only reason why I put it on Vimeo is because Youtube was down :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn, Pele. Your riding is like erotic unicycling art.


I don’t really know how I should take this comment…

Take it as, I like your style.

Any references to sexual attraction towards unicycles was unintentional and coincedental.

I like it dude. Lookin forward to more.

If this be the case,

Then thank you very much Jackie;)

Then don’t watch this.

I liked it alot, keep 'em coming !

Yeah, just don’t watch these. That’s fine.

Then it’ll all be fresh.

SSSSOOOOOOOO ggogooooooood!!!

To jump 6 sets in full out flip :astonished:
I think you can land the full out triple!


My full out doubles aren’t exactly up to standards to tell the truth. I can’t really do them well on flat.

6 set full out… Yeah I could probably manage that, but I’m not sure I would be able to commit to be honest :stuck_out_tongue:

But don’t worry, I have good plans for future minivids.

“You say that as if the next one won’t be for a while” Brendan anxiously said.

ergh… not necessarily.

I actually just went out and tried a few tricks on camera (just in my garage as it is wet outside)

Let’s just say today is not my day. I’ll film when I am having a good day :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty much.

I was so gona land that too…

I will to say 3 sets, and full out triple not in flat, because you’re good jump i think!!i can’t explain:(!!!

You mean, because he can full out up a 3 set. He should have a strong flip?

Alright guys. New Minivid up:

Pretty terrible artistically, but eh, what are you gona do?

Idk what the name should be… Rearhick? Lol. Thoughts?

Whoa! what was that??? that looks awesome. in-in fifth sideflip, nice.

You are the man. You pulled off the outsidefifth/in-in sidefifth really nicely. Looked like you had it all perfectly come together. Nice job.

I liked the first combo.

Props when you can get that fifth to come back out through your legs and catch it out.