Pele's MiniVids

I’ve decided I’m going to start making little miniature vids and post them up more or less as soon as I get the footage. For those of you who are against this and want full length videos, I will occasionally post up compilation videos which will have their own thread.

So ignore this thread if you want :stuck_out_tongue:


thats nuts man, in to in trey up a 3 crazy, and the first one was in to in trey side yeah? real nice.

yes indeed. in-in treside.

Ha the music was funny. Crazy tricks but I’d rather see at least like 4 lines or something or else it isn’t very entertaining I don’t think. But others could think otherwise which is cool. I’ll still keep up with these mini vids.
Great job

Yes, I’ll attempt to make my other ones longer.

you should upload to youtube too so I can watch it.


I tried, Jackie, I tried.

It just doesn’t work.

In the near future, when Youtube does work, I’ll load it up.

Watched it about 6 or 7 times, that was sick!

It’s cool, I’ll check it out at a friend’s place or something.

Watched it 3 times. It was sweet.

I like the idea of this.

That was rad, I had to watch it several times. Very well done.

Sweet man.

crazy cool

Awesome. The tre sideflip looked extra cool because you had to bring your leg so far round to get it back on the pedal :wink:

that was pretty sick.

Now on Youtube.

Awesome! The In-In Trey Side was awesome… really Style-ish!

Funny, I have this song on my Uni Playlist :smiley:

Keep releasing this videos man :smiley:

you should make a channel on vimeo, clips were awesome!

You are awesome.

Man, I remember when you posted that you in-in tresided in the brag thread and I was like :astonished: . Looks awesome!