Does anyone else constantly get the question “why don’t you put pegs on that thing?”. I mean seriously the more I think about this question the less it makes sense.

Yes, but then I explain that I grind on the pedals/cranks and passengers go on my shoulders.

pegs wouldnt work on a regular unicycle unless they were really short cos your legs would keep hitting them

exactly, the only place they would be of any use is dangling from the bottom of the pedals, in which case a grind plate would be much better.

what if you had pegs for pedals so they screw in like normal pedals but they are cylinder, that would be weird to ride and grind on.

weird and needlessly difficult.

ive done somthing like that… my pedal broke completly off… leaving the plain medal bar in the middle of it… and it wasnt hard at all to ride… and those things are much skinnier than pegs


You could put pegs on your giraffe.

Grinding down a 12 set on a 8ft giraffe aha!

for a trials giraffe that sounds fun.

you can do that, and stand on the pegs, and pedal with your hands.

yeah there is a clip of that in DEFECT