what pedals should i
get for trials

thats what i got

Odyssey Twisted (plastic). These things are lighter then aluminum and they have a very strong axel. I weigh around 190 and Iv broken alot of pedals. These ones are the best bang for your buck, and for $30, you can’t go wrong.

are they good ???

sorry i ment to post this under the first guy

sweet they look like what i was looking for they say there really good grip i prolly buy em in april thanx!

aluminum pinned pedals with unsealed bearings

jim C’s
Primo strickers
Primo Super tenderizers
are all good choices.
plastics wont last long with pedal grabbing

i got my Odyssey Twisted plastics for $14 from my lbs and i love them

My advice:

Don’t get plastic pedals, they aren’t grippy enough for trials.

I used to love my Odessy plastics but as I progressed I started wanting more grip. I bought a bunch of snafu pedals on sale and have been quite happy with them. They are a bit heavy but seem to take a good beating and have decent grip.

I payed $8 (CAN) for my twisted plastics at a unicycle/extreme sports store, I do know the owners though so regular price would have probably been around $12. If you are getting charged $30 for them you are getting ripped off.

My advice - Get plastic pedals

What the hell is trials anyway ? You will know when you have advanced to the point where the grip on plastic pedals is holding you back. Until you are doing those tricks, plastics rock.

They are as light as 150 $ metal pedals. You don’t need to wear leg gear to avoid metal pins ripping stripes in your skin at minor bobbles. They cost 11 $

Sure, there are riders that really need the extra strength and grip of metal pedals. At 11 $ a set , it is hard to say many need the durability of pedals that last longer, at several times the cost.

But until you are sure that rider is you, why not take the scrape free,light and cheap choice while you can ?

Plastic pedals are the smart choice for all beginners. Lot’s of really good riders use them as well. They should be your first choice.:slight_smile: