Hey, I have a gift certificate to “” and I was wondering is the Oddesy Twisted PC Pedals are any good, because I don’t really like metal spiked pedals (bad insidents in the past). They are plastic spiked. If anyone knows anything about them, please tell me.

Thanks, Ben

you can’t grind on them or pedal grab without them losing the “pins” really fast. other wise they are good pedals.but it kinda depends on you riding style.

Well, I am definetly not grinding anytime soon, and I really want to learn trials. Would it be effected if I hook my pedal on a ledge to jump up?

pegs are THE WORST for trials. I use these
They are very long lasting pedals, with quite good grip. The spike get blunt, but you can use a file, and they are as good as new. Also the outer cage will bend over time, and you can outbend it around twenty times before it breaks from fatigue with a screw driver. I do grinds and pedal climbs, and I am still using them after a year of hard riding.

These pedals are very lightweight too. You can get these for around $15CAD-$20. This is your best bet.

Well, I have the gift certificate, and the oddesy’s are the only good pedals on the site. Wish I could buy the Onza’s, but I can’t really spend the money. (I have none to spend)

Well, your oddysees will be shit after a few rides. My friend got 70 dollar pedals, and after one ride, half the pegs were ripped out. It’s not worth it.

With my 661s, would I be protected from metal spiked pedals on the back of my leg also? I know the front is fine, but I don’t really feel like getting cut up in the back…

The back doesn’t hurt that much. I did a rolling hop, and my foot slip off the pedal. I landed with a lot of momentum on my left calf, and it wasn’t too painful. The shins though, hurt like a bitch even for the smallest stuff. With 661s, you should be fine.

Sorry to bump this thread, but I need to know one more thing: do metal spikes mess up the bottom of your shoes?

I run DMR V8’s on my MTB and Wellgos on my uni.
Both are pinned and I’ve never had any problems with them ruining my shoes.
(I tend to wear Vans btw)

after alot of jumping and riding, I usually have holes in my shoes. I only notice them when I go to get new shoes though.

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yeah they kind do

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I love the odyssey twisted plastics. If you ride flatland/street stuff where you don’t always need a ton of grip then they are great. My favorite part is that you don’t loose massive amounts of blood when you miss tricks.