Pedals.. what is the model that Ryan Atkins uses?

Right, this isn’t normal of me to ask these kinds of things…

here goes anyway:

I’ve been on the lookout for new pedals, preferably some decent ones with grip, and I know a good 40+ different models ranging throughout the BMX/biketrials/unicycling world, but none of them have appealed to me particularly. Well, some have, but they are far too expensive.

I at first was interested in the Wellgo Magnesiums (the same rebranded Try-all versions), but decieded against it due to the sheer price of them.

I was then told by Hodges that I should try and get the same pair of pedals that Atkins used (the gold ones at Unicon), as he thought that Ryan’s gold pedals were really something special.

A couple of people on my MSN have also wondered what these pedals are… so anyone care to shed some light? Or know of any UK shops/dealers supplying that brand?


(off to Barcelona in a few hours :roll_eyes: , man, I am nervous about the huge culture switch!)

was it these ones?

no I think you’re talking about the primos these right?
those are called the primo super tenderizers.

Ryan just got a new set of Straitline pedals a couple weeks ago, I think the pedals you guys are thinking of though are the New York cycles pedals he was using before. If they were gold then they were probably the New York ones.

Unfortunatly I don’t know who makes hte New York cycles pedals and I can’t find a website for them. You can find more about straightline here

I don’t recommend these to any unicyclists, tho I use them myself atm. The o-rings will deteriorate very quickly as thats what o-rings do. Other than that I love them, the rattle now that they have no O-rings (i’m not riding for quite some time after my injury of course).

Thanks for the contributions so far. :wink:

Hmm, yeah I was told by Eroick on MSN that Ryan’s gold ones at Unicon were the NYC pedals, just a bit ago. I can’t seem to find them anywhere on Google.

Those Straitline pedals look really nice, especially the pink and x-ray finishes, however, those pedals look like those kinds of DH-mountain biking pedals that cost over 200 USD. And for unicycling, pedals get hammered anyway, so I doubt it’s worth me spending so much money on those.

Ideally I’m after something that’s grippy, but has a strong pedal body that doens’t snap bits off from excessive pedal-grabbing. I was thinking along the lines of Odyssey JCs, but a bit lighter and much grippier, but holding the same bearing reliability and body strength. I personally wouldn’t mind if my ‘new’ pedals whatever they may end up being, are loose-ball bearings instead of sealed, as I find sealed bearings to be less easily repairable/servicable in my past experience, due to the nature of the bearing types etc…

I would have gone for 24 Butterflys, but they do fall apart rather easily, which is a shame… unless someone knows how to repair a set that has the spindle fall right off the pedal body?

I don’t know of how to fix that spindle problem, but I do know that wellgo makes the 24 butterfly pedals. 24 just puts their brand on them. So you can probably find them cheaper as Wellgos.

Also the only place in Ottawa that I know of that sells the Straightline pedals has them for $135 Canadian. So about 65 pounds.

I can see why that is true, as most of the pedals we see nowadays, are either Wellgo or VP pedals, but re-branded by other companies like Try-All, Onza, 24, etc…

Infact, just googling Wellgo pedals came up with rather familiar results… :roll_eyes: . Wellgo’s very own Gusset Slimjims, “tryall” magnesiums, etc…

Still having trouble finding the Wellgo version of the Butterflys…

I’ve also been recommended Woodman pedals or Easton Cully pedals… but they sure as hell cost a bomb.

I had Pr1mo super tenderizers on my Muni for a while, and I liked them a lot. They were big, light, grippy, even in the rain, and they were well under $50.

The Butterfly pedals are rebranded B-36 pedals. I had a fairly hard time getting ahold of them. I called all the bike shops in my area and even some in quebec and nobodies supplyers had them. Then I called Bedford and of course he had them but they were 76 dollars canadian. (I bought them and love them but I’m afraid of the day they will blow up on me).

If you go to the wellgo website they have some amazing looking pedals there. If I were you I would check out the Wellgo B-76 pedals in the BMX section aswell as the B-57 pedals in the CNC section (just because of the crazy wierd plastic pins they have alongside the metal ones).

Link doesn’t work :o . Nor can I find the proper Wellgo site on google…

I guess i’ll just google image those pedals for now. Thanks anyway ntappin.

EDIT: Just found a way to get onto the Wellgo site, and looked at the pedals, very sweet I say. The orange B-76 looks very nice and definitely on my list, as is the Butterfly-Wellgo.

But still, I wouldn’t need to purchase any new pedals… if I could figure out a way of fixing a set of 24 Butterflys. basically… sealed bearing cartridges on both pedals completely shagged, so they’re trash now. So all I have left is the pedal body and bare spindle of 2 butterfly pedals, perhaps new bearings would be a good start, but there are quite a few fiddly rubber rings around the pedal originally, so… hmm… things now seem complicated… there’s the wellgo site, hope that one works for you.

Hah yeah I’m actualy working on the same thing. I know my pedals are going to blow up at some point, so I’m trying to think of ways to solve it beforehand. I was thinking about perhaps if I can gut the insides then put a shim or use to dremel to reshape the insides I could turn them into a looseball pedal.

pedal protectors…

Pedal protectors only protect against pedal body breaking from side impact. From doing grinds and pedal grabs, your pedal bearings are still taking alot of abuse and with sealed bearings its the bearings you need to be worrying about.

That being said I do have pedal protectors on mine just for the fact that the less damage they get the better since I don’t plan on scaling my riding back just for the pedals.

You can buy replacement generic o-rings at many hardware stores. You have to figure out the correct size to get. The generic o-rings work on most pedals. I have not used the Specialized pedals and I don’t know if they use a specially designed o-ring or not (most likely not).

So buy a bunch of replacement o-rings and replace them as they get worn. O-rings are cheap.

Hmm, I wonder if I can get an o-ring/bearing kit from Wellgo or somewhere, to fix a pair of bad Butterflys.