Pedals for trials

My new trials uni should be getting here any day, and I know I am going to want to upgrade the pedals to something nicer. Any recommendations on a nice grippy pedal for trials riding? I’ve had too many wrecks from my feet slipping off of cheap pedals to risk not upgrading.

It would be good to know what kind of pedals you will already have on your new trials uni. Anyway, alot of people like the Odyssey Trail Mix for Trials, I used to ride the Animals, I liked them alot but I bented the axel of one pedal. Or, if you want the ultimate Trials pedal, Go with the StraitLines, but they aren’t cheap.:stuck_out_tongue:

many people have different preferences when it comes to pedals, and i would say that the soes you wear are just as important. The two need to be matched to each other. With that said, here are some tips.

  • pedals need to be grippy. If you are purely doing trials, metal pedals with removable pins are the way to go. If you go that route, you should make sure you have a good set of shinguards! For a while, i was obsessed with the odessey twisted pc’s, and they can be awesome if your riding is more varied, you want to ride without shinguards, or you’d like an inexpensive semi-disposable pedal. Unfortunately, you’ll lose some grip. (I’m pretty sure that was what the new DX is spec’d with, so you’ll be able to test them out and determine if they’re what you want)
    -if you want to go with metal pedals you can go two routes. You can go for fairly inexpensive pedals that are less of an investment, but they may weigh more, and won’t be as durable, or you can invest a lot of money and get a much lighter and hopefully more durable pedal.
    -make sure they fit your foot and the shoes you’ll be wearing. I have pretty large feet so it’s a little harder to find pedals i’m happy with. Some pedals are flat, while others have a more concave platform. Concave pedals can be more grippy, but i feel flatter ones support my feet better.

Hope this helps, people will provide their opinions which will help you a lot, but maybe this can help you navigate through to decide what will work for you.

Yeah, the DX comes with Twisted PC’s. I’ve got a lot of experience with the PC’s because they are what I used on all of my other unis, but I find myself slipping now that I am jumping. A lot of that is due to poor technique, but I know some of it is that the pedals arent gripping as much. I want to go with metal removable pin pedals since I have had a chance to ride some on my friends trials unis and they felt good. The pedals arent labeled though, so I dont know who makes them. My LBS has Primo Tenderizer sealed bearing pedals in stock, and they will sell them to me for about $35. Any comments on those?

You should get Wellgo MG-1s.
Light(376g or 298g for Ti)
Sealed bearing
Machined spindle
Spark when you grind em :sunglasses:
Tons of colors
And when they eventually wear out you can light the magnesium on fire:)

If i remeber, those pedals are Heavy! Check out there are a lot of great options. Maybe check out the mg4’s or the trailmix pedals. You have decent pedals right now, it’s worth waiting to get good ones rather than what is just easily available.

Also, maybe your lbs has some other options?

Cool, thanks guys.

My LBS doesnt have any more options for pedals. They are a very small store front because they do most of their sales online, so I would need to order anything else. The Tenderizers were only there because they bought them from another LBS that went under. Most of the stuff they DO keep in stock is for roadbikes, and I dont think a trials uni would do very well with trap pedals! lol

I just bought blue ones on ebay and they are a huge upgrade from twisted pc’s. They have more grip but kinda feel lighter

I’ve been looking at the Wellgo MG-1’s online since you guys recommend them. They look like really nice pedals. Much better than the Tenderizers IMO, and not nearly as chunky looking. The one thing I like about the PC’s that I have on my unis though is that when I drop the uni the color doesnt get scraped off of the side of my pedals.

I ride the trail mixes and love them. They have some cool color combos and aren’t too heavy. They grip well but not too much.


I say go MG1 or MG4. I’m going MG4 because I like there shape. :sunglasses:
Since we are talking about magnesium pedals at the moment. How well does the magnesium pedals hold up to bashing from grinds and stuff?

I had mg1s on my 36er, and I loved them, light, grippy, nice platform.
But after not very many miles the nut that holds the body on the spindle started coming loose and the body slides back and forth on the spindle. I can’t fit the right sized socket in the hole the nut is in. I ghess it requires a special tool? I know pedal failure is not something I want ending a ride premature.

Mg4? I just looked for them on google and they are exactly the same as my Axiom Double jump pedals… So I have a pair of Mg pedals? I think I’m going to start to re-use them on my trials uni:p

The pins are really long on the Axiom, and if you pedal grab with the pins on you will juste kill them. I took them off of one side so I could pedal grab and they didn’t break, but a little part of it fell when I was Muni-ing with them, I hit a rock and it broke, the are still 100% ridable though.

has anyone had any experience with sunline pedals? the SUNLINE V-One Platform pedals are going cheep on a local website and i’m thinking of getting some.

ive seen alot of mg-1s break before and ive broken one myself.Im using kona wah wah pedals,they have lasted a year and going super strong.No wobble,no pins coming out and still lighter than most pedals.Max schulze is also using them atm.