Pedals clicking

I’ve recently bought a QX rgb 36er and noticed clicking noises at my first test ride and they’ve only been getting worse. After thorough inspection I’ve finally realised that it’s coming from the pedals. I’ve attached pedals from my previous uni and the clicking noises disappeared.

How should I go about troubleshooting the issue with the pedals? They are the nylon QX pedals that came with the unicycle. They were definitely screwed tightly enough to the cranks. But when grabbing a crank with one hand and pushing on a pedal with a lot of force, I can feel it move a little and it makes a click. It’s hard to reproduce it like this though. Usually it only happens when I’m riding.

are the bearings adjusted properly?

Bearings in the pedals? I have no idea. I’ve just found this video Pedal Adjustment Tutorial (How To) - YouTube, so I’ll try to follow the tips from there and see how it goes. I didn’t realize it could be coming from the bearings inside, thanks.

So apparently, the pedals are sealed. The video I’ve linked above describes the process for unsealed pedals. Would adjusting the bearings on sealed pedals mean just tightening/loosening the bolt until it rotates properly?

In order to easily adjust the bearings a tool like this is very useful.

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Replace the pedals and get back to riding. There are lots of affordable pedals on the market. If you want to tinker follow Jim T’s advice.

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Was kind of what I wanted to say but did not.

I replace pedals more often than tyres. Just took off a very loud set of Welgo pedals, only 2000km old. I’ve tried more expensive pedals but yet to find ones I like so I keep buying the standard that the unicycle came with. Just another cost of riding, which is really still quite cheap.

I wouldn’t mind changing the pedals once in a while, but it would be kid of a shame to throw away completely new unused pedals which I paid extra for in the QX uni configuration.

I can only see a single hex key hole in the pedal. That doesn’t seem like something I’d need the mentioned tool for.

I definitely agree, wasting things that can be fixed is not prudent. Maybe you should ask the co. You bought the unicycle from to replace them under warranty.

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Was this product bought new?
If so, then…

Contact the place you bought it from and have them replace the faulty pedals.
Once you have the replacements, send the faulty ones back for their inspection.
(or ship the faulty ones back first and then receive the replacement pedals)

Whatever works to get the product back to new condition again.

Or deal with the pedals yourself and be content with the sub-par product and (what I think) the sub-par service from wherever you bought it.

If this was not new, then… eat the loss and buy some new pedals.

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Update: After simply loosening and tightening the bolt inside of the pedals, they’ve stopped clicking. I have no idea what was the issue, but it’s gone now.

QU-AX has offered to take the whole uni back and take a look at it at first. Then after the issue was narrowed down to the pedals, they’ve offered to send me new ones. So although they’ve probably made some mistake when assembling the pedals, their customer service was prepared to fix it. It could take up to a month though to send it back and forth, so I’ve decided to try and fix it myself.