Pedals and grinding

I am really eager to try grinding now that my rolling hops are getting better, I was just wondering how different pedals would affect the amount of slide I would get. I am currently using these, the standard pedals for a Nimbus ISIS trials.

They are so grippy that it feels that they would just dig into concrete or wood. Ofcourse, there wouldn’t be a problem if I was grinding a rail but I want to start off easy, on something flat and wide. I’ve had my eye on some coloured plastic pedals for a while now, is it time to upgrade?

if u wana start off with ledges (as u probly should) then metal pedals will not mix. even if u remove all the pins, they r still no good. so yes, get plastics. once u get to handrails, either will work. i used to use metals cos i like the feel of them better as ur grinding (plus they sound cool), but plastics r just so much better for regular riding so im slowly using plastic pedals more n more now.

I’d say grind on the crank on ledges, and on the pedal on rails. I found it easier to learn to grind on the crank, and it is cheaper.

EDIT: Anyhow, try grinding with pedals you have now. If they do fine, then that’s cool. If not, buy new pedals or grind on the crank.

but wen grinding a ledge, the pedal will also b on the ledge and if its a metal pedal (which will b on the concrete) then it will stick. plus u gotta learn to grind without crank one day anyway.
seriously, get plastics if u wana do legdes

Thanks for replying, I’m a bit short on cash but as soon as I get a spare 30 bucks I’ll grab those fluro green plastics!

On a side note…What’s the general opinion of welding grind plates onto metal pedals? good idea or not?

Edit, didn’t realise you just replied, Isaac. It sounds like I just shouldn’t bother with grinding untill I swap pedals, correct?

if i ever get time ill come up too wollongong and give you some first hand pointers on grinding, theres some pretty good spots in wollongong, i was eyeing of the ledge out the front of the police station (although the location could be a issue).

That would be incredible, do you think you will be free anytime soon?

Wollongong does indeed have some good riding spots, I’ve always wanted to take my uni into crown street and ride around those fountains!

to start with most if not all metal pedals are aluminium and it is hard to weld. If your thinking of welding steel onto the aluminium thats just impossible. what you need to do is to bolt a grinding plate on through the reflector holes. i saw some sort of a “how to” not long ago about putting a grinding plate on the same pedals you have - Aluminium DX.

I tryed finding the site but i found another site instead that might interest you

Whats wrong with grinding on the crank? Is it a bad thing…:o

not unless u know some good small skatepark rails. rails will b fine with metal pedals. and u can try ledges if u want, i dunno maybe u will hav success. just from my experience, ledges and metals do not mix

go grind a thin round handrail on ur crank, just to c wat will happen. go on, i dare u :wink:

also on the grinding plates, ive tried that too. i wouldn’t recommend them. they just feel crappy and can easily come loose (as its been said, u cant weld them)

I crank fine on ledges with my metals. I guess I’m lifting the crank a bit or leaning to a side or something, but it doesn’t make it harder to grind. I can get stuck too if I want, so I don’t think my metals are particularly slippery. I actually think they have a great grip. So if he can learn that too (Which he can :)), he doesn’t need to grind on pedals until he goes for a rail, and if he’s got ledges down consistantly by then, it should come naturally (I hope. It did for me.). But I may be a weird grinder.

If you can, just take the pins out on one side of your pedal. Much easier, and I think it works as well as grind plates, but I don’t know since I’ve never tried any of 'em. Should work well enough anyways. :slight_smile:

No it isn’t, grinding on the pedal is just better. :slight_smile:

but it would b better to learn to grind on ur pedal on a ledge rather than just hoping to get lucky with ur first few rails.

ok, u too. go grind a thin round handrail on ur crank. if ur grinding on the crank on a round rail, there is a good chance that ur crank and tyre will grab the rail and u will keep going while ur uni stays jammed on the rail. it happened to me a few weeks ago, it happened to kevin mcmullin in his 2005 video, it happens to riders all the time if they arnt careful enuf.

Im crap at grinding but I thought I would give this ago, so i went and made a little grinding rail and on about my 5th go it grabbed and I fell forward. :roll_eyes:

PEDAL!! use pedal!!

Yeah, I did after that.

Yes, I can’t deny that, but he still doesn’t need to learn it until he goes for a rail. +, in my experience grinding on the pedal comes naturally if you grind fine on the crank, so I didn’t think of it as getting lucky.

I’ve already done it, and I still don’t consider it a bad thing, just more difficult and dangerous on rails.

I understand the tendency for metal pedals to grab, but doesn’t grinding with plastic qickly wear down the pins?

In my experience: Yes.

those fountains are fun, theres some good stuff near the harbour too. ill try to come up some time soon, but i got schoolwork. if i have to go up for archery comps at mt kierra i might bring my uni and go in the afternoon.

yes and thats a disadvantage. but by the time ive worn the pedals down to the point where they r too slippery to use, ive usually buckled the spindle really badly by then anyway. i need plastic pedals with titan spindals lol