Pedal spindles...what grease to use?

I searched the forums and didn’t find this particular question, it seems like it should be simple and I can’t believe I’m really asking. I bought a brand new KH and I need to grease my pedal spindles, what type of grease should I use. I want to get out and ride but at the same time I want to do this right I search a couple of stores last night with no luck, maybe I need to visit a local LBS today. What do you guys recommend using? Thanks.

I use multi-purpose high temperature lithium grease. I bought it in a car motor factors shop. I got a big 500g tub of it for a very reasonable price.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thank you! It helps a great deal, much appreciated :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

I use Phil wood marine grease for eeverything. That stuff is da bomb.

Before attaching or reattaching a set of pedals, I usually put a tiny bit of grease on the pedal threads, but I assume we’re talking about something different here. Do pedal spindles usually last long enough to be worth greasing? The basic Nimbus pedals my uni came with lasted 1.5 years before a spindle broke, but the ones I replaced them with (Wellgo plastic) only lasted about a month. My LBS was kind enough to replace the Wellgos, so now I’ve got T-Bar “Black Ops.” Kind of a weird name… maybe I should just call them Guantánamo pedals, -the spikes on them are certainly long enough- but anyway, these pedals seem OK so far.

Wouldn’t greasing pedal spindles mean taking your pedal apart and potentially losing some of those tiny ball bearings? All the pedal spindles I’ve ever seen were greased to begin with. Am I missing something here?

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of pedals, it appears that Odyssey Twisted PCs are the default pedal used by people on this forum, even for most trials riding, including pedal grabs. Anyone disagree?

Hello Song. The pedal threads you speak of are actually the spindle threads which allow the spindle to be screwed on to the crank arm. The pedal revolves on the spindle as the cyclist cycles. :slight_smile:

My KH came with Wellgo pedals. The bearings are not sealed from dirt and that sticks to the grease. Graphite powder is what I’m planning to use next time. That way the dirt can fall out again.

My Wellgo pedals didn’t have removable pins- they were probably cheaper pedals than the ones that come with a KH, though I have read a lot of bad things about Wellgo pedals in general on this forum.

My experience with KH leads me to think that the brand is a little overrated, though they seem to have finally solved the problem of the noisy hubs, after 5 years or so, by simply producing a hub that looks just like the one Nimbus makes. My uni still has KH cranks and rim, though, and both seem very high quality.

Those Wellgo pedals did last a couple of years before falling apart. I had to put an extra locknut on because it was impossible to tighten the nuts together and the bearings kept coming loose. But they are light, grippy and very cheap so I definitely got my money’s worth out of them (they came stock but you know what I mean).
Recently got some of these pedals

and they’re light, grippy and so far trouble free.
An advantage over the Wellgos although I wouldn’t pay extra for it is that they stay in position for mounting.

can’t say I’ve ever bothered with it. I like the plastics, so I usually go through the shell before I need to re-grease them. Many of them would probably be more hassle to take apart than just buy another $10 pedal, but to each their own : P I’m hard on my stuff