pedal Recomendations

Well due to a 3 foot drop today off a picnic table, i only have 1.5 pedals on my uni. When i landed the plastic on my left pedal shatered, so im in the market for pedals and would like some ideas. I know i porbally could have searched this, but im tired and lazy :wink: so any help would be much apreacated.

the crank bros 50/50 pedals have a 1 year warranty. I hear they are good and grippy.

well this might be obvious, but maybe some metal pedals? theyll kill ur shins if you mess up, but they wont break as easy

maybe get them from like
theyre kinda cheep there. compared to normal metal biking pedals

These would be good for a trials uni:



for trials or street, they are great imo.

Alluminum pinned pedals with sealed bearings are usually your best bet.

Crank brother’s fifty-fiftys are expensive, besides a lot of biking parts have a great warranty as long as you never jump or ride off road! By spending a lot less than you may want to for the crank bros, and maintaining your pedals well, you can have a great, long lasting pair of pedals for a decent price. (Spend the money you save on some leg armour:D)

Easton…i like em alot…

primo tederizers own! get you some.

and definitely don’t get sealed they aren’t worth it unless you got $$ to toss around