Pedal question

I was just wondering what people recommend for a pedal that can withstand high drops. I was doing some 4 foot drops on my 24" muni and I bent the left pedal. It still works, it just feels wobbly. I think I have the Odessy twisted PC pedals. I’m looking to spend no more than $30. Would one of the BMX style pedals be a good buy?


Unless you really, really suck at landing big drops, and you do 6 footers to flat cement, you’re not gonna bend pedal spindles. I think you mean the cranks, which is ususally what goes first. I’ve used cheap K20 pedals for the last 3 months, with static 3’ drops seat out without the slightest hint of spindle damage (I’ve also hit a few 5/6 footers, but they were to dirt rollouts, so they were easy ont eh equip). No offense to your riding or mechanicship, but I think you’ve misdiagnosed. You bearings could be shot, or the crank or hub is bent. And one thing, 4’ seems big, but honestly, if that’s all it takes for you to break a pedal, mabey you should lay off the 3 footers and up until you can improve your form. I can do a 5 footer to a rollout without bending a crappy lasco. The morale, if 10 four foot drops will break your pedal, don’t replace the pedal, stop doing the drops.

buy axioms there tuff and fairly cheap

goto and buy some wellgo wam b-38’s very grippy and strong. Also has both the usual wrench grip to tighten it and a hex key tightener. The wellgo MG1’s are nice as well.

I had some really shocking horse shoe style plastic pedals and I thought I had bent the right pedal axle. After getting some awesome new metal ones, I figured out it was not the pedal axle but the crank had actually sort of twisted there, although you can’t really see with your eyes you can tell if you just work it out. But it’s not really that much of a deal and I’m just gonna continue riding it. But I will need new cranks one day though, and since I’ve buckled my rim I’m just gonna buy a new unicycle pretty soon. One with an un buckleable rim, well unbuckleable for me, not you 14 foot droppers out there.

Thanks for the info guys. I don’t think the berrings are bad because everything seems spin ok. I haven’t looked to closely at the crank, but if its twisted a little, that might explain the woobly feeling in the pedal. I do need to practice the drops more because I did land one that was awkward, and I bounced straight up instead of continuing my forward momentum.