Pedal Pins

I got the Nimbus street uni, and i got the Aluminum DX pedals, with pedal pins.

With the pins, my legs are getting scratched up, and im waiting for my leg armour.

any suggestions? i have no clue how to take out the pedal pins, or if it is even possible.

I advise learning how to bail without slicing up your shins.

I’ve only hit my shins two or three times since I learned last year.

I do have shin pads, I just don’t always wear them.

I would put in a good pair of plastic platform petals untill you get better than switch back to the metal platforms.

or you can just wear shinguards, cheep soccer ones work fine but you will still slice up the backs of your legs if that is a problem.

If the pins are screwed into the petal you just need to unscrew them with an alan wrench to remove them. Sometimes the pins get damaged making this hard to do.

yea, the thing is that i have been riding with the nimbus for a while, and already, 1 pin has fallen off of my left pedal, and 2 off of my right.

anyone have any recommendations of cheap plastic pedals that are good for learning street?

I have been using these a while

They still are good as new. The hard nylon teeth can give you a scrape, but nowhere near as bad as metal pins. Grip is very good, but less then metal. Can’t beat the 330 gr. weight.
I am using a 365 gr. dimension city pedal on my 19" now. It is the most shin friendly of all. I never slipped off, until one day I forgot about it, and did some hopping in the rain. Landed hard on my back and got a good lesson.
These 8$ MTB pedals have decent wet grip. I have done a lot of rain riding on the 36 without a single slip.

Thank you but before ordering them, would they be ok with a 20" nimbus?

All Unicycles, except for Giraffes with 1 Piece cranks use 9/16" Threaded pedals.

Maybe really old Schwinn’s use 1/2"?

It will be fine.

Odyssey Twisted Plastic Pedal

these are the pedals I used, they were great

I realy like these because of the large platform. Not to expensive either