Pedal Grabbing Round, Metal Railings

I’ve been working on this lately and have found it quite challenging. I tend to kind of hook the pedal near the spindle, and rest my crank against the rail to keep balanced. If there are vertical bars holding the rail in place, I let my wheel rest against them, reach down with my other foot towards the pedal, quickly pull the uni up, pull the wheel away from the bars and swing over. hope that makes sense… What has everbody else been doing?


woah where are you practising? thats sort of what i do but i let the rail sit inbetween the 1st set of pins in my pedals… or i’ll just lean into the rail and hit it on the crank

yes, that is also what i do. it’s really quite fun isn’t it! I like trying to pedal grab onto rails then flow them, my sucess rate isn’t very high, but i does happen! well, as far as the rails go, i say not to be intimedated by larger rails.(higher) at first i could pedal grab over little ones pretty easy, but bigger one is more intimedating. Just go for it, and it usually works, and i find the biggest part for these pedal grabs, is to make sure your weight is perfectly centered over the rail when you land (on higher ones).

now i know you didn’t ask for all this, but i’m just trying to mak eyour learning process shorter than mine.


Yeah, I was just wondering if anyone just lands purely on the pedal, but it seems I land on my pedal and my crank rests against the side of the rail. It’s not that I’m just learning this, I’m trying to improve my success rate, because right now it’s not as good as I’d like. Thanks.


where are you guys practising?

I’ve tried landing on crank, pedal and doing the same as dylan. I find that going straight to crank is ok on small rails because you can jam the tyre against it to help balance and stay on it.

Otherwise I kind of hook the pedal over it.

Incedently a skate-park grind rails are good practice - although I tend to use anything I see that looks feasable.

Re: Pedal Grabbing Round, Metal Railings

I’ve been practising on bike racks and anything else I can find.