pedal grab record

likely story i know but…

today i got me a 117cm (47") pedal grab on tape… onto a big bin

whats the highest y’all have done?

then stupid me i taped over it with footage of my friends band. (cos im making them a music video)

man i hate it when you do stupid stuff like that…

now im gonna have to do it again…

my highest (measured) pedal grab was 116cm high.


Wow. I feel so wimpy. My record is only about 100cm. BTW, Tomsey, I think you may ahve just taken the world record. THe previous record was 116cm, as far as I know. I’m curious, how high can you hop?

nice pedal grab.

gerble, i know that at least 3 people have pedal grabbed 120+.

not very high at all…

my best sidehop is 86cm over a bar.

so from the tyre to the pedal is 31cm (a foot)

Wow, i was way off…

kris, ryan, ?


I did a 49 inch pedal grab.


Re: pedal grab record

On Sun, 7 Nov 2004 00:37:55 -0600, “zack” wrote:

>I did a 49 inch pedal grab.

124 cm

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