pedal grab anger

Does anyone have some tips to help with Pedal grabs/Crank grabs?I can just barly pedal grab,but then i fall off,no matter how much i practice.Its driving me crazy.whats the best way to learn to go to rubber?
Oh,and Im doing it all on a 24".how much harder does that make it?

Just about two inches. Work on crank grabs they are much easier to learn in my experience. I would lean ridiculously low and jump up hard. I did a write up on (not that I’m an expert) Andrew’s site. I think it is.


Do your pedal grabs with your seat out. when you land, lean into the ledge. you dont need to lean too far. and after that, practice, practice, practice, practice, and when youre done doing that, practice some more. It also helps alot if you can crank grab too. pedal grabs are a pain to learn, and they can get to be a real pain in the arse to get down. just keep learning. youll get 'er eventually.

Ive been practicing for the past hour,and now i can pedal grab and then jump off most of the time.I can crank grab too but does that hurt the unicycle the way you put pressure on one side like that?

I am by no means an expert. However, this is the stunt I’ve just learned.

I cannot hop seat out. So it helps me to hop up seat in and then the moment your wieght is on that grabbing foot, you’re stablized enough to pull out the seat and raise that other foot and get your balance. You’ll roughly take the pose of an ice skater.

I tried both ways. I prefer to land on the pedal/crank that is in front.

Going up to rubber:
I found benches and landscape timber walls that had short fences about 2 or 3 feet next to them. For a while I hopped up to rubber while my hand rested on that fence. Eventually you rely less and less on that hand until you land it without the crutch.

I’m not real smooth yet. But I’m smoother than I used to be. Getting better all the time.

Practice, practice, practice.

I can only hop up approx 12 inches, but with this technique I have gotten on a bench then up to the picnic table. Thats ascending 3 feet (in two steps).

Its a great feeling. (The crowds love it too.)

hmm.Im gonna try holding on to somthing.