Pedal Data

Based on Feel The Light’s thread about pedal weights, I’ve borrowed his data and organized it into a Microsoft Excel workbook. I’ve posted it below as both an Excel 2007 workbook and an Excel 97-2003 workbook.

Now, feel free to add to and repost the workbook with new or updated data. Try to keep the formatting the same when you edit. Also, the graph will automatically update when you input more data into the table, so don’t bother messing with the graph.

Because this forum doesn’t allow Excel workbooks to be uploaded, I’ve instead uploaded the files to a free hosting site. The links are below:

Both links seem to be only the upload site; there is nothing to DL there.

Scroll down, wait for the link to load, then download.

If you don’t want to wait for the “link to prepare,” then you can just click my cheaters’ links below, that take you right to the file. Hopefully they work…

Excel 2007 Workbook

Excel 97-03 Workbook

I like what you are trying to do

I lacked the work ethic to make a comprehensive listing of all pedals, and your skills to try this excel thing. Anyway, good job.
I have downloaded the file. How do I open it?
I’m a cheerful pirate, so I bet I can locate a torrent link to something if I have to. Or is it possible to use this file with a program like wordpad ?

You have to have Microsoft Excel or Open Office. is where you can download this freeware suite of software. It includes open source, freeware versions of all the popular Microsoft Office applications with similar interfaces. They can open and create files that are cross compatible with all the Microsoft Office apps.

Once you’ve downloaded Open Office, download the “Excel 97-03” file that I’ve posted, and then open it with the Open Office Calc application that is now probably on your desktop.

I have Excel, but that link didn’t work either. It says the data doesn’t exist.

didn’t work for me either…