Pedal bending- boooo...


The other day during a ride my pedal started making a rather obnoxious noise. I thought perhaps some dirt had entered the bearing housing area, so I disassembled the pedal to clean and lube the bearings. Much to my surprise the metal shaft of the pedal was bent slightly. (grumble, grumble)

This really surprised me due to my limited hopping ability (no drops), my light weight (~160lb/70kg) and the fact that these are fairly high quality pedals and only a month or so old.

So, what are the best pin pedals for MUni and trails? I’m seeking durability. I read a bit about the Snafu (sealed and unsealed) in a previous post.

Any thoughts?


What pedals were you using that bent?

Re: Pedal bending- boooo…

john_childs wrote:
> What pedals were you using that bent?


Odyssey Southgate BMX

These are my petals, tried and true.

I use them for a lot of hopping and riding, but I really haven’t done much in the way of petal grabs yet. I like them a lot, and my friend has a cheaper pair by the same company that are nice as well.

I’ve heard Atomlab makes some nice lexan ones, but never tried or seen them.


Re: Re: Pedal bending- boooo…

That is odd. I would expect the Southgate pedals to be strong enough to not bend under ‘light’ use. They have a good chromoly heat treated spindle. It should not bend unless you start landing big drops to flat ground like a ton of bricks.

I’d contact and see if they have any kind of a waranty on the spindle, especially since it is only a month or so old and hasn’t been abused by big jumps.

I wonder if the unsealed flavor of the Southgate is using a weaker spindle than the sealed flavor?

Are you sure the spindle is bent? It could be that the bearings got knocked off-center or out of whack. Or maybe the end cap on the pedal got knocked out of whack. Maybe the pedal got crossthreaded in the crank and is no longer threading straight on the crank. Maybe the crank is bent rather than the pedal.