Pau Surià - Secrets

Yo so this is my buddy Pau. He doesn’t have an account and has remained hidden from the community. However, this kid is NUTS and he’s 13.

So watch, and give this kid the mad props he deserves.

This kid is seriously amazing. He’s going to go far with this if he keeps it up.

what a stud muffin!

WHAT! Where did he come from. He needs an account.

He’s amazing! The 360 unispin down that high thingy was really cool :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t ever dare to do a 360 down one pallet, haha!
There was some tricks that I haven’t see before. Really creative! And I agree, he needs an account! :smiley: Do you know for how long he’s been riding?

what you trying to do here colby? make us feel bad?


the uni looks really big on him. lol

Pau is awesome xD
Sick riding !! :roll_eyes:
see you at EUC =)


whooot? crazy. how can it be? Is there such a thing as natural talent, has he been doing balancing-stuff before, or did he already start when he was tall enough for a 12" to get that good? it´s amazing. I mean, the learning curve (correct english expression?) is supposed to be steeper on kids, but this is just…!

good choice of music for the video. reminded me a bit of the band justice.

We want more Pau!