Pat and Eli's Short Videos Thread

nice vid, rails are coming nicely :wink:
if you want rails come to alphington. Its the BEST! ther are big drops, small
drops, inbetween drops, long rails, steep rails and mega trial areas. Oh Yeah.

Nice video. Eli your flatland is so sweet :smiley:

Thanks, some of my combos were left out of this one so expect some cooler stuff in the next video:D

yeah, me too. maybe its something in their water:D

:smiley: Well i seen a lot of your combos on the brag thread.

New vid.

nope our rims are fine

Yours is. Mine is bent from previous ownage.

yeah but i think he just meant the drop. Your rim didnt bend from the drop either.

AWESOME! That drop was insane (I’ve never seen that many pallets stacked up in a tower)

Looks like someone got a haircut:p

At first I thought every clip was of Eli. Then I noticed pat wearing his blue shirt, and looked more closely. Nice haircut:)

I have thick hair. I’m either going to grow it out, or cut it off.

Eli’s new unicycle

Looks nice, but isn’t that like three unicycles?

Also the pedals don’t match well.

Yeah thats 3 in less than a year for him lol

Yeah i said they didnt look right on it either but oh well its still cool

i´m a little bit tired of seeing that uni:p (ludwig has one and i have one with a yellow rim and seatclam that´s really simellar)

but i liked the outspin from onefoot wheelwalk…thats cool :sunglasses:

I have to agree with Emile. Instead of getting a unicycle that is just as good as your other one, why not improve the one you already have, and get an awesome one.
Nonetheless, cool video.

Why would he need a new camcorder?

And i dont see why everyone is hating on him for getting a new uni

lol, it’s my money. I’ll waste it on what I want;)

I got a new camcorder for Christmas, but it won’t work with my stupid computer…


maybe you should invest in a new computer :wink:

lol I don’t have that kind of money :roll_eyes: