Pat and Eli's Short Videos Thread

We film a lot, so we decided to make a thread for our shorter videos. Every once in a while we’ll make a longer one, but for now we’ll periodically put out mini vids.

Feel free to drop a comment. Constructive criticism is welcome.

-Eli Brill and Pat Lally

P.S.-- Pat forgot a clip again.

heres vimeo since youtube doesnt have sound…

I wish I lived near you guys.:slight_smile:




3/5 set handrail KINKED

You guys are beasts!

hahaha thanks. I forgot his rollingwrap-5spin but we can put that in our next one

It was kinked but they jumped off early :frowning:
Still a okay video though. You guys should start taking those flip tricks down (big) sets…

Pat was starting to practice finishing off the kink at the end by the end of the night, but I was content with the early dropoff:o:p

Hey, I wouldn’t be talking Any Terrain. It’s still impressive.

That was awesome, you guys are getting way to good.


Yay hand rails!

But yikes… I wouldn’t take a flip down a big set untill you have them consistant and clean on flat (but thats just me :p)

Mini vids, sweeeeeeeeeeeet

ya i cant get over that outfifth, its insane.

nice grinds as well. :slight_smile:

lol, this thread has been too long in waiting. Nice video though!

Cool vid and thread. I’ll look forward for more small vids from you two.

yeah cool vid;) you have so many rails in your area…that´s unfair:p

Yes it is! I only have a grindable 5 and a 13 in my area! And I don’t plan to grind the 13 in the nearest future. Unfair!

felix, we also have some cool rails in the city next to us;)

btw nice vid and thread… you guys are getting so good :roll_eyes:

that´s right but how often are we going there with unicycle?
next good day i will try the 9 set (grind, crankflip):wink:

no actually our town has no rails. Theres only 3 hittable rails at that place and its the only place with good rails


sweet vid :slight_smile:

I wish all PA riders were that good…:slight_smile:

I hate kinks, except I’ve only grinded an urban rail on a snowboard.