Pashley 29 Inch Unicycle

It’s just a unicycle, a very “nice”, quick, well made unicycle. It is not a Coker nor is it the hard-core muni with a three inch Gazz tire, it’s just a uni.
This little story began on a construction site in Deep Gap North Carolina. A homeowner was terribly behind schedule, his lead carpenter had more projects than he could handle, and I was looking for steady work. The lead guy and I hit it off and I got this uni and a nail gun as a bonus, but I had to wait until the bank gave the homeowner back his credit card! No biggie, it rained here all summer anyhow.
Jack, the homeowner, ordered this uni from, and it showed up a week later in a very light-weight box. We put it together, watched a movie in Jack’s personal high-tech theatre, then a juggling club member, Jamie, and myself went outside to ride the Pashley and my Coker down the mountain. I rode the Coker, Jamie rode the Pashley; I made it most of the way down without tumbling and Jamie got her very first taste of off road.
Then it rained. We got lost. It was a blast.
A week later I took the unis to a hard packed gravel road and compared them. I rode the Pashley first for three miles, and found myself hitting every pothole just to liven things up. Next I got on the Coker and flew with the wind in my hair. Score one for The Coker. Then it rained.
I wanted to try the Pashley on a trail, but they were all soaked, so I rode it on the town sidewalks, It excelled at this, It was so quick, and the drops I usually avoid became enjoyable. It may sound hoaky, but this was an excellent sidewalk machine!
The monsoon finally abated, and I got to hit the mountain bike trails. The first time was frustrating, but I found myself unable to think of anything but doing it again! The next time I managed to stay on a little better, and took some runs at full speed. It was more fun than the Coker on these trails because it was easier to freemount, and I wasn’t smacking my head on every low limb.
No Gazzy tire though, No tank tread under my feet.
VALUE-8, it’s a little pricey, but you get what you pay for.
TRAILS AND SIDEWALKS-9 I’d love to see what Sofa could do on this!
I have a feeling the engineers at Pashley saw the Nanoraptor tire and decided to do us riders a favor. They made an affordable high quality uni, slapped the tire on it, and told us to try it out. It will take us to the trails, then let us enjoy them as long as we don’t try to hug the edges of cliffs.
If I was buying a muni again I would get this one, it suits me well, and I’m sure it is preferable to anything with a 2x26 inch tire. If you want a Gazzy tire on your Muni, then this isn’t for you. This isn’t a Coker. If I had to choose, I would keep the Coker.

Re: Pashley 29 Inch Unicycle

Pashley didn’t build the wheel or select the tire. All Pashley did is make the frame and bearing holders. selected the 29er wheel, Nanoraptor tire and put it all together. Kovachi Wheels built the wheel.

just for the record.

Pashley only makes one size frame,its just tall enough to be modified with a 29er wheel.the tyre clearance with a NonoRapter is only about 3 mm’s though.

what color did you get BTW?

So basically, it’s just a frame with crappy bearing holders.

Sure they aren’t ‘those kind’ of lollipops but lollies nonetheless.

No thanks

But it comes in such nice colors! Two, count them, two bottle bosses!

BTW, what rim does the Pashley 29er have?

I got black, not because I wanted to , but because I have a tendancy to hide unicycles under Rhodadendron bushes and go berry picking. A black frame is quite unnoticable under these circumstances and I don’t want anybody seeing an unguarded uni in the woods and sticking it in a tree. They have an insane sense of humor around here…

Hey, the lollies aren’t crap, but Sofa, you could shred this machine if you wanted to. It is a recreation uni, not a hard core. Unis with macho hubs cost about two hundred bucks more, and I don’t think I will break a suzue hub anytime soon. I was tempted to get a Semcycle instead, and it was very much a toss up.

I don’t remember the rim brand, but it is machined alloy and looks like NASA made it. I think the Rim is a lot of what you pay for when you buy this uni, it is really nice, lightweight, and the tire is practically a feather. I said it was quick, and the attention to quality shown by the builders is why. Heck, they used what looks like stainless steel parts all over the place. That stuff ain’t cheap! The Bolts are worth more than the cheesy bottle holder I got from Wal*Mart, and I have never seen stainless steel spoke nipples before!

I hope keeps selling these, and maybe markets them a little better, I bet a lot of people would rather ride a 2x29 tire than a 2x26 tire.

Holy crap carjug, I thought I was the ony unicyclist from NC (on these boards anyhow)

Where in the mountains are you?

Chris Bogardus, alias carjug
294 Oak Street, Boone North Carolina

Right next to the campus of Appalachian State University, go uphill at Pizza Hut, take a left, it’s a blue house with lots of shrubbery and a nice view of Cannon dormatory.

MUNI-MOUNTAIN-unicycle, heavy on the hills, baby!

Hell yea, I know right where you live. I spent my College years up in Boone at ASU. Now I live down HWY 321 a spell, just outside of Lincolnton.
I’ll have to come up and ride with you sometime…do an urban assault on the campus :smiley:

BTW, the views of Cannon dorm can be very pleasing to the eye!! :wink:

Yesterday was hot. I had a bottle of water stuck in the Pashley’s water-bottle-holder. It was there when I needed it, and it didn’t fall out when I upd’ because I had it secured with a big rubber band. Sweet. No canteen to lug around on my back.

When I was shopping I looked at the bottle holders as a joke, now I’m glad Pashley put them on there.

I’m getting a bit more used to this uni and I am starting to like it a lot. Seat grabs and hops are becoming a natural thing. The members of my juggling club tend to borrow it, they love it.

If the price on this machine came down, or they slapped a splined hub on it at the same 400 dollar tag it would sell like beer on Independence Day!

My son–and his 20" Pashley–would beg to differ.

yeah yeah yeah

that Pash wasnt available back when i posted that.and still isnt listed in the "trials section of,lay off…

It’s been a few months, and I have ridden the crap out of the Pashley, UPDed badly, rolled it down gulleys, loaned it to my sickandtwisted friends, and it doesn’t squeak, the rim is true, it rides straight, and the paint isn’t peeling. I found myself fantasizing about a Pashley frame for my Coker, and, "why? "you might ask? Because I haven’t broken the Pashley, and I’ve spent more time than I care to admit bending my Coker back into shape. It is so nice having a uni that works.
I have had both Nano and Moto Raptor tires on it, (due to the sickandtwisted friends). The Moto is a lot better on trails, the Nano is better as a general purpose tire. I like both of them.
If you want a better all purpose uni than the Pashley 29er you are just going to have to spend a lot more money.

The Pashley frame is great and the lollipop holders are very tough and are much better for the bearings than the typical main caps. I’ve beat on mine as a 26" for two years now with no complaints. In fact, the frame is about all that’s left. I’ve replaced the seat, reamed and shortened the seat tube, upgraded the wheel twice, and replaced the cranks and pedals. But the frame is going strong, as fine as the day I bought it.

entire uni front angle (tiny).jpg

:smiley: After Three and a half years the Pashley is still going strong! The rim is true and i have never had a problem other than flat tires from rosebushes.
I can do things on this baby that I couldn’t have dreamed of three years ago. I am riding uphill on trails that used to throw me off on the downhill. I have seriously enjoyed trail riding!

Same here; I still ride that same uni (minor changes) as hard as my ability allows 2-3 times a week. Still a Pashley (frame) fan. :slight_smile: