Party after FLUCK?

hello all fluck-people

Katia, Gro and i have just talked about a little idea, and we decided to try to find out if people like the idea, before we plan too much…

Okay, what we thought about was to have a BIG party after fluck, maybe in my fathers house in Hundested (60 km north of copenhagen) right next to the sea and with a little sauna in the garden… :sunglasses:
The party would be held saturday, so everybody who wanted to could go directly from fluck to Hundested

Would it be and idea??


That’d be great!

I’ll be in Denmark till the 16th, so all parties are great. And I can just about imagine a little sauna packed with unicyclists!

We were gonna stay at a hostel after Fluck, but this seems like loads of fun too!

Question: is it a sleep-over party or does everyone have to go back to Copenhagen right after it?

Since it is not possible to get out of Hundested unless you have a car after 00.30 it will be a sleep-over party:)

Nice, count me in!

Another question: how do we get from Fluck to Hundested? Train?

See? I’m helping you plan it!

I cannot go to Fluck :angry:

But I feel like flying over there just for a crazy unicyclist party…

Fluck is one big unicyclist party hehe :stuck_out_tongue: Im happy i dont have to worry about the money for fly hehe :slight_smile:

stop posting threads! it just reminds me of how I’m not going haha :roll_eyes:

Hmm, not many responses. Seems loads of people have already booked the ticket to go back on the 14th. Shame…

Are you still gonna have the party? I need to know whether I should book the hostel or not.

No party, i cant use the house that weekend, so we will just party in Copenhagen instead!



I’ll be going if enough people go and the riders are squared.

-Shaun Johanneson

can’t go, have a big demo back home on 14th and 15th. Pity, you’ll have nobody to act responsible whilst at the same time, being the most irresponsible there.

I’ll be thinkin of you all :roll_eyes: