parts blowout/MUni fire sale

i’ve written everything down on paper and as much as i hate to do it again its the cheapest way.

there has been no bids on what i have on the auction so i have decided to once again tear into my wheel and get at that Profile hub,then buy some 145mm arms to use on my new wheel.

In doing this i will have a pile of parts for sale ,cheap.

*170mm (black)profile arms–$40

*Alex DX32 24" rim (black)–$20

*DT 14/15 black spokes–how do you sell 36 hardly used spokes?

*24 inch Gazz tire and thick DH tube–$20

*Profile MUni fork(with 28.6 post and an extra set of bearing caps)–$60

im hoping there is sombody who wants an even better deal and will buy the whole parts nightmare for even less $$ you know the “package deal”

P.S. the rim,spokes,tire and tube are hardley used.lots of tread on the Gazz and no dings in the rim.the crank arms are 10 months old and still covered buy that wonderful lifetime thingy…


I am interested in the 24" gazz tire and tube.

I will email you later

and maybe the rim.

am puttin the kids to bed, a man has to have priorities…

If anyone is interested in the whole shibang, then I can back out
of the deal.

Work the maze.


the fork and the Gazz tire/tube are the only things left on that list up there.

teachndad,if you still want the tire let me know,but its so heavy it might be cheaper for me to keep it than ship it to you.$8.36 is the cheapest UPS will do. :angry:

Re: parts blowout/MUni fire sale

I’m kinda interested in the gazz tire…


it would be even more costly to ship it to B.C.but since i have these brake mounts here that you want also it makes since to do it.

$20 bucks+shipping for the tire/DH tube and i throw in the brake bosses does that sound?

if your interested you could go to the UPS site and see if you can find out how much $$ it would cost to ship about 7 pounds from Salem,Oregon----> to you.


If Dylan is willing to do the deal with the tire/tube and the brackets, then go with him. I will cover the shipping on my end and add the 20 for the tire/tube combo. I am very interested in the tire.

Dylan is willing, very willing, If you know a total price, shipping included (how does $40 sound?) I will send the check out tomorrow.


if thats $40 US dollars then yeah.

i e-mailed my address to you last night right? go ahead and send it.let me know here when you do:)


well its all gone now… thanks ya’ll

i just love buying stuff then selling it dayz later for half of what i paid for it,hopfully my new KH20 will be the “one”

stay tuned,my SemXLW 29er or parts of it anyway will be hitting the market soon.

Dylan,i got your check today.i presume it will clear so without waiting days to find out i took the tire,tube and mounts to Ups today also,because “Jagur cares”

i’ll be e-mailing the tracking number and other minor duty details soon.