Parts 4 Sale (uni yard sale)

[B]i have bunch of unicycle parts that i would like to sell altogether for one good price.

the makings of a seat:Miyata baseplate,blue rear bumper,Reeder handle(right hand) double layer dogbone air pillow and a Roach seat cover (brown)

the fork:Profile 26inch (modified,squeezed for more mud clearance when a 3inch tire is used)

a seat clamp and a 28.6 seat post (rail type and came with the Profile fork).

im also throwing in a Wilder adapter that needs to be re-welded if you have those skills or know someone who does,this is a gem

a 26inch Sun Dbl.Wide rim

26inch Kenda DH tube (new)

UniVerse the video in mint condition.

depending on how much interest (redicule) i get for this package will determine if I sell anything separatly,but for now i want 1 buyer,1 box to ship all for 1 bill.($100+shipping) [/B]

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You’re selling Universe? :astonished:

<feels faint>

Cor. I don’t think I could. It’s brilliant inspiration to make me injure myself in ever more impressive ways!

Phil, just me

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just adding to the pot

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Hey Jagur (by the way, how is your name pronounced? yay-guhr?) how much for the
roach cover and air pillow?


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[B]like i said,i want to see if i can find someone to buy it all at once before i start parting out the package deal.

oh and my name sounds like Jay-guhr none of that yewish yea stuff. [/B]

Got any pics of your parts?

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What ever you say, baby -all I know is that your Pre-Raphaelite Women Icon is getting me hot and bothered.


[B]awe jeez do i have to?

the frame is squeezed,the Wilder adapter is broken and everything else is good used condition. [/B]

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whatever dude,your the one with the monkey

So nobody wants my pile of uni-crap eh?

Ill Buy some

I want to buy the right handed handl the air pillow and the cover and UniVerse:D How much?

Re: Ill Buy some

okay it looks like nobody wants the whole pile of uni-crap,so if i start breaking it up is there anyone else who wants some pieces other than Catboy wants?

I like your junk. I would like to talk to you about that rim and some of the seat parts. Are you still looking for a Torker seat?