[Parkour & Unicycle] Collaboration Video

A fun video with a parkour friend of mine. Edited with the footage from a couple of riding days, mostly a lot of fun !

Enjoy !

Youtube : http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=hSOAVEaURHU
Vimeo : http://vimeo.com/1555375


P.S. Yes, I know, none of the links I gave are working right now, but I can’t wait anymore, I have to go to bed now.

that was pretty cool I really liked the part where the pallets stacked up then you jumped that was awesome.

I didn’t edit in time but how did you do that part where the pallets stacked themselves up, seems like it would be hard to stay in one place or get back on the unicycle in the exact same spot everytime you put up a new pallet.

nice stuff hugo, im really starting to enjoy your style

The parkour was a little weak compared to your riding.

Whats the song? My sister wants to know, not me lol

hahaha u really want us to know that its ur sister? whyyy :thinking: :smiley:
hahaha Hugo I realy laugthed at the end. Nice vid.

Then tell your sister to check it at 0:19… :slight_smile:
Great vid btw!

But that’s what I did. :roll_eyes: I guess I got lucky !

Phil isn’t really that much into Parkour, he was tired every day we rode and he lacks of good spots for parkour riding. But I began to ride unicycle with him and I thought it was important to one day do a video with him.

Thank you for all the kind comments ! :slight_smile:


Riding was good… music sucked …big time…

Lol I hate the song. Get off my back!

And yeah, whoops, didnt notice it at 0:19.

Yeah… I must say the music wasn’t much of a highlight :wink:

What was up with the green rim?

I really enjoyed that. I personaly liked the music it had some great riding. I loved the pallet part it turned out really well. I also liked the 180 onto the picnic table.

the parkour was on a slack side but i liked the unicycling. the pallets stacking up to the music before the jump is a nice touch.

Yes the parkour wasn’t great… the fence clip during the credits would have been better with a gate vault lol. The pallets stacking themselves up was great!

Oh and free running is flips, parkour isn’t… it’s just vaults and drops and gaps and stuff, which is awesome anyway :smiley:

Just to clear that up, that was me, and I was just playing around. That was the point of the credits, we both exchange our discipline.

Oh I see… cool lol.

My favorite part :smiley:

The music O.K.:o

The flips were good but the rest was kind of lame (Hugo- your part at the end was funny in it’s lameness in comparison to Philipe’s:p ). I thought it would have been cool jump to the top step of the set @ 1:36 and back flip off or 180 up and front flip off to the bottom of the stairs. If something like that is too scary to do at first you could put an old mattress or bouldering crash pad at the bottom and practice w/ that.

ok vid, but that music was so gay.

nice editing/ riding. horrible music imo, ok parkour, add me to the list of the people who liked the pallet stack job

I like the video. You do know that doing flips is not part of Parkour, that would be free running. Sorry to nit pick but I do Parkour and hate when people call them the wrong things.