park tool pw-3 o.0

am i missing something here or does is the Park Tool pw-3 with the 9/16 and 15mm end not compatible with Nimbus Touring 29? It simply does not fit so i cant take off my pedals. I just bought the pw-3 off of amazon and now i dont think i can return it cus it has scratch marks on it…

Do you have Nimbus Venture pedals on it like says in the description because I had venture pedals on my nimbus trials and I used a 15 mm wrench on them and it worked great.

Yes I do.
According to though, the pedal says

“Nimbus Venture black, reinforced plastic body with steel removable pins, backing plate for added durability and CrMo axle with 9/16 threads”


so im guessing i need to get the other park tool…

Some pedals stupidly come with 17mm wrench flats; 15mm is standard on virtually everything. 9/16 refers to the diameter of the pedal threads, which is also standard on virtually everything.

It would be a lot cheaper just to buy a plain wrench. Then if you need extra torque on the pedals just put a pipe or something on the end. Personally, I just use a regular wrench with no pipe and they stay on fine.

I usually use a standard open-end wrench (actually, combination wrench), but some pedals are designed in a way that you don’t have clearance for a standard wrench. That is why there is a special thin pedal wrench; it isn’t just a long one for extra torque. Besides, you don’t have to use a lot of torque to tighten pedals. Well, maybe for removing improperly installed pedals, but I use the pipe method for that.

daveykim: What tholub said. Plus, most good pedals can be removed using a 6 or 8 mm Allen key (hex wrench). I don’t know if your pedals have that, but it is common for pedals to have both flats for a 15 mm wrench and a socket head for an Allen key.

True: if this is the case, the Allen head is on the inside of the crank/pedal.

Normally you need a real Allen wrench to get enough torque to remove a pedal; a multi-tool won’t give you enough leverage.

i dont mind bbuying a pedal wrench…

so this 15mm is the one i need right?

No; you said you already had a 15mm pedal wrench. If it’s too small, you probably need a 17mm wrench. Or just use an adjustable crescent wrench.