Parade Pics!

Yesterday I rode in a parade here in Port Orchard and it was a bunch of fun! The morning started rainy and wet, but later it got really nice for the parade at 6 o’clock. Before the parade I did some freestyle in the parking lot of my dad’s office and then went down and got lined up. After I got lined up about a mile away from the office, I noticed my tire was way low. I remembered we had a pump in my dad’s car, so I rode and glided all the way back (thank god there were a bunch of hills I could tackle really fast by gliding) and pumped the tire. I made it back JUST in time for the parade start, and rode off behind my dad’s friend’s truck that was my main “float.” I was representing the “Great Ball Race” which is a Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce (my dad was the prez of it last year) rund raiser where they race 3,000 plastic McDonalds play-pit type balls down a hill and if your ball comes out first then you win a trip to New York for two, a $6,000 mink coat, and $2,000 spending money. So, I did the parade just fine and got more than a few “Hey Tyler, you rule!!!” and “Woa, I know you!” comments. Because I was one of the first sections of the parade, I got to come back to where my parents and grandparents were and watch the rest of the parade. During me sitting there with my uni, I saw this rather wannabe (no offence) unicycle group all riding suns, cyclepros, and savages doing these simple formations ride by and decided I would do a little showoffedness. I hopped on and just “randomly” glided, 1 footed wheelwalked, and seat on side rode by while they did nothing of that impressive sort. One girl even rode her Savage right next to me and whispered “showoff” at me! :smiley: One person even commented that I was “by far the best in the group” and then when I said I wasn’t in the group she was just like “oh, ok, sorry.” I didn’t take the attention off them very much, though, because I know that it is a great thing that they’re doing that at their school and it’s not their fault that they aren’t very good (well, it kinda is, but they just need to practice more). Anyway, here are some pics. The first one is of me in the parade and all the others are of before it in my dad’s parking lot.

Here it looks like I’m falling, but I’m really foot off frame 1 footed idling.

BTW, I’m seat on side idling here, not riding.

mini-1 (9).jpg

Me, brother Spencer, dad Jeff, and grandpa Leo

Hey Tyler, you rule!!!

Me n pebbles were in the “Glasgow Museum of Transport Parade of Wheels” today. Him on his kh20 jumping off everything and me on my coker trying to go at walking pace!!!

Good fun!


and the second and the third and the forth etc. etc.

this thead sould be called " More Pix of Me"

well your great and mightyness Tyler, i hope it make you happy to crash another parade routine by showing off your betterness then posting how they did “nothing of the impressive sort” on a public forum.

whats the name of that school that had kids practice, organize and all show up to ride together only to have some know-it all show-off crash their routine? i’d like to email them this thread.

Is it just me or does that seat look really high. Just look at the second pic, he like cant reach the pedals, it doesn’t look to comfy.


Good pics.

I have to agree with jagur about crashing the school uni group. Not a real classy thing to do. Knowing that you are a superior rider, it would have been better to just applaud and cheer for the group.

You are a very talented rider and not everyone has the time or inclination to put in the amount of practice that you do.

Nice to see the pic of your family.

I think we’ve had an UBER misunderstanding! I didn’t even come close to “crashing” their routine. I didn’t even come close to messing up their formations or anything, I just rode by. And anyway, they probably did 10 or 20 of those routines throughout the parade, so I was like a spec of dust on a 42" plasma. Also, out of their 5 minute routine, I only spent maybe 30 seconds riding and doing tricks, but not interfering at all. Sorry for the confusion!


Nice pics tyler, uve gotten much better, keep it up, tell me if you still need help on hoping on the wheel…