Parade of Wheels / Balamory Bus

As I stated in one of Tyler’s threads, me n pebbles were in the Glasgow Museum of Transport Parade Of Wheels today.

This is an annual event in which a load of classic cars/busses drive right through the city and then meet up with cyclists of all varieties, pushchair pushers, wheelchair users, skateboarders, rollerbladers, basically anybody on wheels, and parade round to the museum of transport from the park.

We did it last year on 20’s, this year I went on my coker and it was very hard to keep to the walking pace of the crowd! Pebbles had a blast jumping off everything and weaving between people.

But the main event of the day was the Balamory Bus leading the parade. I even got to sit in it!

Check my fotos. I took them all so there is none of me on the coker, but it is in one of the fotos.


bus leading parade.jpg

spot the big wheel!

shot with coker in.jpg

I don’t know which one is scarier!

There was this crazy trike!

this crazy trike!

a few tandems…


and saving the best til last!

Get your kids!

Me on the Balamory Bus! Unfortunately Eedy Mcredie wasn’t there.


me on balamory bus.jpg