Panther Pride Unicycle Team Clinic 2011

Here is a vid of some of the trials / street riding we were doing at our clinic. I wish i would have had more time to film more and even film some of the freestyle stuff but we were spending our team teaching kids.

This clinic is an annual event in North Bend, Washington held by the Panther Pride Unicycle Team.

cool video. i like the editing and the song and some really nice trials lines!!

Nice riding and editing! Looks like a fun event!

Really wish I could have made it, it looks like a great time. Hopefully next year I can make it out.

Just curious, what kinds of things do the volunteers do?

Well we had 12 teachers from teaching kids how to ride and do certain tricks etc… my job was out on the trials course teaching kids. Other volunteer aspects were like the parents running registration, concessions, set-up, clean-up, etc…

Looks like a fun clinic! Also, good riding and especially good editing!

Well is there any possibility of getting signed up to be a volunteer for next years clinic.

Oh… Volunteers come from within the team itself. This is one of our huge fundraisers for NAUCC so i dont really see the point… we wouldn’t be able to pay you.