Panasonic hdc sd 20

Yesterday it was the first day where it was dry outside since christmas so i tested my christmas present and my new frame:)

I liked the music. A song with a good beat is always good for editing to.

You are getting really good, keep it up.

Looks much better! New frame?

I almost bought a similar model, the TM20 but I decided keeping my money for NAUCC instead :slight_smile:

Ok :stuck_out_tongue: the frame is just new painted

very cool video the qualedy is so good !!!

like the stand up ww

nice Tricks!

Aber zieh mal deine Speichen nach, man hörts scho im Video!:wink:

I really wish I had a dry place. imagine to unicycle more than two revs…mmmm.

Nice video. Like the music… although I dont know German. I like the optimistic pile of crates in the background… good luck with those :slight_smile:

Looking at the sd20 specs, it seems it could do 1080i, which should produce a higher resolution than 854x480 ?