Paint Idea!

I just found some glow in the dark spray paint online, that is clear in the light but glows in the dark. I think it would be :sunglasses: AWESOME :sunglasses: to put on my unicycles if I get stuck riding in the dark.

just a thought/suggestion.

would be good for shows IMO. Juggling on a glow in the dark unicycle with glow in the dark clubs


Ya…but I just realized it might be a good idea to put another “clear coat” er somthing so it doesn’t get scratched or washed off. Otherwise you could like see the scratches in the dark. lol

I got a pair of Odyssey Jim Cielencki glow in the dark special edition pedals by mistake once. They glowed really well, but I hated the green colour in light and swapped them for the nice blue ones I had ordered. Glow in the dark clear would be nice though.


Odyssey has a limited edition blue pedal now that is glow in the dark. :slight_smile:

Dan’s Comp is one source for the limited edition blue glow in the dark pedals.

Man, you guys need to learn to link better.

Here are the Blue, Glow-in-the-dark pedals and Yellow pedals. I’d buy the yellow pedals if only they were good for muni. For now, I’m waiting to get my Pedals yellowed-out.

I know how to deep link to products at Dan’s Comp. I choose not to because Dan’s Comp is all frames and you can’t navigate away from the page when you deep link.

But that be the blue and the yellow pedals I was talking about.

Have you tried the JC pedals with long grip screws all the way around? Might get them to work for muni. I haven’t tried them with long screws all the way around so I don’t know. The JC pedals come with some extra screws and some of them longer. You can get more at a real good hardware store or a specialty fastener store.

I have the JC pedals with 2 long in the front of each pedal and short everywhere else, since I like to ride bare-footed on my trials uni and they work well that way, however, I had long all the way around during winter, and no such luck. I wouldn’t trust them to grip for muni, when your powering down hills you cant have your feet slipping off the pedals. Snafus are barely grippy enough for me.

And by the way, I knew you could deep link, what kind of a nerd would you be without doing that? I was just yankin your chain John, dont get your panties in a twist!:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yep, those are the ones…I really meant blue when I said green…but in my opinion it’s a horrible blue. They do glow really well though.


Re: Paint Idea!

It would seem your options are a lot more diverse if you had access to a spray booth (or got a local car-respray shop to spray it for you). By placing solvent-based paints like these in a spray gun, you could (theoretically) have your uni any colour, with these semi-transparent glowing paint effects on top… Might be worth testing on a small piece of seat post etc to see what it comes out like, but the range of options is high, along with the glow times.

EDIT: Found this on the site linked above…



Hang on, radioactive pedals? Could that make me grow an extra foot?