painful stunts

No unicycling, but interesting to watch. :roll_eyes:

some accidents, some stunts gone wrong, and a lot of stupidity

Edit: forgot the link.

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Those aren’t painful stunts. Most of those are deadly stunts.

I acually LOLed quite hard at some of those, like when the football player bounched off of his head

omg i can’t work out why people would do most of those stunts haha… abit crazy


Well, it’s a video, so I thought I should put it hear.:o

Yeah, like those crazy unicyclists like KH riding the railing of a bridge like 200 ft high or the Ridiculator in BC:p

I think the guy in the drag racer died :frowning:

That was actually the only one I didnt laugh at :wink: I shuddered in pain more than any of the others OUCHIE!!!

:thinking: :o :thinking: Hopefully he made it.

A few years ago I was watching the first IRL Indy 500, when CART split from Indianapolis. As a result most of the drivers had little or no experience driving open wheel race cars on ovals. (Most had raced sprint cars or done road racing). There were a couple of crashes on the start, but they regrouped minus a couple of cars. On the restart a car towards the front touched wheels w/ another and whent spinning out of control. Less than half the remaining field made that next restart.

In this melay one car got the nose-cone ripped off and the car shot up, spinning 10 feet + in the air, w/ the drivers legs dangling out, still going over 150 mph. At that moment I was sure he was going to be killed when he landed in the middle of the field of cars.

He survived:) . He broke many bones, but came back to race the following year.