Pain while riding


I have got a unicycle which my dad got really cheap, when I was 8, but never tall enough for it until now (I am 14 now).

I’ve just learned to ride a unicycle. I can go forward, make turns (no idling or free mounting yet however)

I can get on, but I ride about 20 meters, legs start to hurt, above my knee. By 100 I have to get off. When I get off, and move my legs a bit they are fine and I can go for another 100 meters.

I have been riding for about 1 week now. I do road and mountain biking, and don’t have this pain.

Is there anyway I can get rid of it? Or is just something I have to put up with on a uni?

The pain is similar when you lift your arm up for a minute or two.


Hi! Welcome to the forum.

To me it sounds like the type of pain that will disappear once your legs get used to riding a unicycle and once you learn to put more weight on the saddle and less on the pedals (which will come with time).

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I echo what 1x1 says. It’s all about saddle time from here :wink:

When I got Beast (my 36er) a few weeks ago, I had the same pain that you describe after 10 miles or so. I’m riding 40+ miles with only mild aches in my knees now…I’m sure in a few more weeks it’ll be non-existent :slight_smile:

Keep at it…As mentioned a few times on the forum, the unicycle is the fountain of youth! :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: If you need proof, just take a look at Terry ‘Unigeezer’ on YouTube

Try playing with your seat height as well, you could try raising it up to take the pressure of your knees forcing you to sit in the saddle more

lactic acid

Your style of riding may have to do with it. When applying constant pressure lactic acid buildup may occur. During cycling this may be relieved by relaxing your muscles for a few seconds. With a unicycle this is done by alternating pressure between the left and the right leg during cycling. Also if your crank length is too short it may require to much pressure while riding. Adjusting the seat post may also help.

Yeah, that seems to happen more often than not while learning, and usually right at the point where you’re able to ride 100 meters. I was there last summer. It won’t last long so don’t be alarmed. Keep working at it, try to keep as much weight as you can on the seat instead of your feet (hard to do while your feet are so busy keeping the unicycle upright, I know!), and go as far as you can as many times as you can. Your body will figure it.

Thank you.

I’ve found the right height for my unicycle.

I’ve now been riding for about a month now, I can go all the way to school (1 mile) without any problems with my legs now.

I can now go in a straight line (When I posted this I was quite wobbly), freemount about 75% of the time, and I can idle for about 10 seconds before falling off.