pain in tail bone!

hi all,

i have been riding a lot more recently and more than i think i ever have and am getting pain in my tail bone,i do suffer from bad back which i control with stretches but this is new pain to me.

mainly i have been riding my 20" and 26" muni and i think its the 20" that is causing the issue so i might need to change my seat if so.

just wondering if anyone else suffers this or has any tips to get around it as i am enjoying my riding and making improvements to my skill levels and want to continue pain free?

Years ago I fell off a pushbike going around a corner, that stuffed my tailbone. When it was a new injury, I couldn’t sit on a movie theatre seat pain free for the length of a movie. That injury can still make long flights really uncomfortable. On one uni I was getting this same pain/discomfort. It was due to a cheap seat, too soft padding. I changed the seat, no more problems :slight_smile:

If you are relatively new to unicycling, it is possible that changes in technique will make the problem disappear. I don’t know anything about your riding, but the following changes could relieve the pressure on your tailbone.

  • putting a hand on the seat handle
  • sitting further back on the seat
  • adjusting the angle of the saddle
  • learning to ride out of the seat

Are you sitting in the cradle of the saddle? If so, tilting the nose of the seat could help you sit further back. Putting a hand on the seat-handle allows you to maintain the stability of the frame while you shift yourself slightly on the seat. And it allows you to ride for short periods of time out of the saddle, relieving the pressure on your tailbone.

The tilt of my saddle has gone through a few stages. As a beginner, it was normal, and I sat in the cradle of the saddle. When I learned to ride with one hand on the saddle, I tilted the nose up and sat further back. Once I learned to hold on with both hands, the saddle returned to a more normal position, but I started sitting more on the raised back section of the saddle.

It is possible you have yet to find your optimal seating position. Practicing sitting in different positions on the saddle, as well, allows you to shift positions while riding.

In the short term, I suggest you spend more time practicing mounts and, if you are ready, idling. Both those activities will limit the pressure on your tailbone. Distance may be the culprit.

Good luck!

hi gockie, sorry to hear about your injury from years ago but glad you found that seat change helped it for you.

hi elpueblounido, thanks for your help and tips which is very not new to unicycling but have dipped in and out over many years but recently i have got into it more than ever.

i have just ridden my 26 inch muni and no pain from it which points to my 20 inch which causes pain straight after riding 20 inch is just a club standard bike so i will have to try another seat or put my muni seat on it and treat the muni to something else.

thanks for your help and i am glad it is just a simple seat change to cure it so i can carry on with my distance target that i am aiming for.

I now have a club standard seat. Those things are really hard! Get a better seat and don’t use the club seat.