PAGING.... JAGUR.... Ja-grrrrrrrrrr!

HEY! That’s MY avatar you’ve usurped! You ain’t foolin’ nobody with that green background… What’s the big idea, huh?:frowning: That’s a pic of the uni I sit on while I’m online, for your information! Yes, I got the idea from Marcel Duchamp, but I had it for an avatar first! There oughta be a law! Hmmmmph! :angry: NOW I guess I have to check and see if you’ve copied my user profile, too…

Before someone starts cryin’…

I’m not really angry. Try reading the above again but replace those emoticons, in order of occurrence, with the following:

:astonished: , :thinking: , and :o.

I would like to know if there’s precedence for this kind of atrocity on this forum, though…

…well? :roll_eyes:

Jagur previously usurped MJ as the King of Pop. As of yet, no charges have been filed- go figure. You might consider some class action. Just drop Mikey a line -and tell him, “The Monkey sent me.”


"I would like to know if there’s precedence for this kind of atrocity on this forum, though…

…well? "

no, none whatsoever
this should not be tolerated
it must be challenged and challenged now
this is simply the thin end of the wedge
if this is allowed, who knows where it will end
we must unite and remove this scourge from our forum-site-thingy
next thing u know we’ll all be expected to post posts containing nothing but absolute nonsense!
this has gone on for too long

ya i was looking at much better picture’s of Duchamps wheel last night and i thought “hmmm, you know the black N white one that sendhair has is so bad that he’ll never notice my new hi-rez version”

you can have mine though-OH wait GILD already pirated it so i guess that only leaves me to…hmmmmm,take his.


Jagur, that’s it! That’s the uni needed for level 11!

its that or a really cheap trueing stand,but art?nawh

Dear Jagur! Well, my little freeware graphics programs won’t give me anything that looks that good at 35x50 pixels, so I’d like to accept your offer, but it’s still gonna look like my “original” avatar. I’d be happy to accept that nice hi-rez image if you’d just crank it down to avatar-size… 35x50…

… and yes, Gild, I agree, we should use this forum for impotent Imean important things like trying to find ways to turn unicycles back into one-wheeled bicycles. Gears! Sheesh!

just save target on the one under GILD’s post and use it.its 35x50

how do you like my modern one?


Nawh… Too many wheels!:smiley:


Are thoes AUDI rings I see?? if so Nice, I drive a 90 Quattro myself. It’s good to see a fellow driver in the mix.

and i was kinda hoping that in a great groundswell of practical jokedness, a whole swarm of people would change their avatars and allow sendhair to question his understanding of the fiber of his universe and reality as we share it
oh well

now i can’t get it to change back

i was using yours for a good portion of the day but you where asleep therefor did’nt see it, but no one went for it except me and you…


Well, I hope nobody finds my new avatar too annoying or seizure-inducing.

If you do, complain to jagur and Gild, the practical joker wannabees.

Everyone has my cheerful permission to change their avatars to this one! Thanks for the idea, Gild! :smiley:

any chance of getting hold of an animated unicycle avater?

gerard,i think thats right had a cool one.