I offers my unicycle last Wednesday night and I am hoping it should come today or tomorrow and I was wondering of I will need shin pads or wait until I get good and tey tricks? So should I order some now?

i’ve been riding for about 2 years my time on my learner and also muni and never wore shinguards i wouldn’t worry about it for learning but make sure to have a helmet. you may decide to get shinguards later on but by then you will have a good judgement on wether or not you need them hope this helped good luck and have fun riding :smiley:

I just got over the hurdle of being able to ride the thing about 100 meters or so. Can’t get on without a fence yet.

Invaluable to me were wrist guards and gloves. If I bailed hard enough that I fell all the way down I was happy to catch myself with my hands. I was using a fence to learn, so rarely went all the way down. Now that I am fenceless, I’ll be wearing knee and elbow pads all the time. As soon as I’m on the road or trail I’ll add a helmet to the mix.

Once I start hopping around or going cross country, I’ll probably get good knee/shin guards. Mostly because they’ll be a better knee pad then the cheapo set I picked up at a second hand store. And as I’ll be going faster on rougher ground, I figure the opportunity to fall and slide will be greater.

The leather gloves/wrist guard thing though was super useful. I could grab hard onto the fence without skinning or hurting my fingers. I could fall on them without scraping, so it took some of my fear of falling out. No gloves fit with the wrist guards, so I attacked a pair with scissors so they look more like fingers attached by strings to a wrist strap. Worked for me.

I’ve been riding for quite some time now but only recently have I started to wear pads…
…and I love 'em.

For the most part, I don’t fall off much (UPDs don’t count) but when I do, even on gentle falls, I’m always glad that I’m padded up. Pads let you get up after a fall like nothing happened which means more time riding.

P.S KH percussions are probably the best pads to get IMHO

When my son and I were first learning to ride, a shin/calf wrap made all the difference. I still have scars from my pre-shin/calf wrap days. The pedal pins are nasty when you slip forward or backward on the pedal, esp metal pins.

I contd to wear shin/calf wrap through my second year of riding, but now I don’t hit my legs on the pedals.

You don’t need full leg armor, they are an overkill for all by the most aggressive riding.

Veggie Wraps or something similar, just make sure it wraps the back of you leg.

Wrist guards are a good idea, cheaper and easier to wear than a cast.

I’m a believer in helmets, knee pads and wrist guards. I started out without pads. Then fell hard enough to make my knee hurt for a couple days. Since I’ve been padded up I’ve had a couple falls where I was really glad I had them. Plus, my helmet gives me a place to mount my headlight for my pre-work ride in the dark and early.

I have ridden Muni and trials for 4 years…I’m 13 and I wear the 661 knee/shin pads…|0;d|aqd_0hFZrSioBM: is the website for a pic
:smiley: thumbs up!!! (I also have a helmet) that I always wear…as well as elbow pads…I don’t wear those as much

I wore a helmet, shin pads and thick gloves while learning to ride. Twice the helmet hit the ground, so twice my head was undamaged as a result of wearing it.

The shin pads were invaluable when I had mounting mishaps and the heavy gloves stopped my palms looking like they’d been through a cheese grater on a few occasions.

I’d say just be sensible - there’s no prize for riding without protection and you won’t look ‘hard’ because you’re on a Unicycle anyway, but plenty of opportunities for injuries…

TBH I’m more of a knee pad man myself. I used to always cut up my shins and scrub my knees on my tyre but since getting pads (and swithching my Gusset Slim Jims for DMR V8s) I never catch my shins on my pedals, and I never scrape my knee on my tyre. IMHO there’s no advantage to not protecting your knees.

I wear knee/shin guards from day 1 (and even before, with my trial bike…).
Don’t wait till you get good… IMHO the process of becoming an expert rider include among other, a lot of trial & error, and errors can be very painful :wink:

For me when you’re a beginner (or just learning new trick) it’s goes like that: suitable protection > less pain > more motivation to continue > more success.

Another good reason for wearing protective gear is to be able to keep riding, I always think about my next ride, I love to ride and I’ll be very upset to miss it Because of injury that I could avoid easily with knee/shin/wrist guard.

Have fun,

How about taking less time to get ready to ride, and not having any rubbing whilst you’re riding?

Personally I’m an advocate of shin pads for learning - at least for stuff like learning to freemount where you might miss the pedal. I have some nice scars on my leg from that. I’ve never wished I had knee pads though - and only ever worn them when riding my Schlumpf for the first time. Nor have I ever worn a helmet apart from for muni or high speed road riding.

Here’s my order of injuries: Most – palms. Next – knees. Last – ankles (from the pedals, and, oddly, only my right ankle).
I now wear Hillbilly gloves with plastic splint, and construction worker trousers with pockets for knee pads (with flexible foam pads inserted). These keep me reasonably well protected (so far, so good).
For some reason, I’ve never injured any other body part, so I don’t wear a helmet (although I avoid places with vehicular traffic), shin guards, or others.
For a beginner, I’d recommend the protective gloves first, and add whatever seems needful as falls happen.

I officially take that back after today’s ride :frowning: I guess I really have been riding easy stuff - today wasn’t all that tough a trail and not really any harder than stuff I’ve done before, but I’ve only done really easy stuff that long before and I got a bit tired.

I’d now like to shut the stable door and will definitely be wearing them next time I ride a similar trail, so at risk of getting told to search (at least I’m not starting a new thread!), what are the most comfortable knee pads? I own some I bought for inline skating, but one of the main reasons tend not to use them is they’re not very comfortable when riding (you don’t have quite the same knee flex when skating). I’ve got 661 Riot Shin guards which I find quite comfy.

I ride with at a minimum is
knee pads or full knee shin pads and thats a minimum for me

I thought I would share with you all – I am starting, and these wrist guards below are invaluable. They feel great and offer amazing protection:

I don’t think shin guards are necessary for standard pedals/riding.
Knee guards – meh, depends how you fall.

I’m good with a helmet and gloves. Pads seem like they would be soooo hot.

That was my thinking until yesterday.

If you start doing long/fast road rides on 29 or 36 you may want to check the thread on hip protection.

Havent rode it yet,but I’ll wear my protect helmet,shin/knees and probably wrists w/ gloves.
I tore up my shins when I got into BMX cruisers(small jumps,no racing)a few years ago.I had the pins go to the shin bone a few times.So always if Im jumping.
Then w/ pitbikes and my CRF250X dirtbike I wear pretty much everything.
Too old and takes too long to heal.
I got em,might as well wear them.

Never wore pads on mini-ramp or street skating,but full pads on vert always.

for trials and street i wear helmet gloves kneepads and sometimes shin pads
muni gloves and a helmet and depending on the trails knee pads