Padded gloves

Any recommendations for seriously padded gloves? I’ve been using the KH gloves and Pearl Izumi cycling gloves, but a couple of UPD’s where I land on my hands haven’t been fun. Didn’t see a tree root in the shadows today. I need to get something with some significant padding when I’m trying the more aggressive trails. What I have is fine for general riding, but they’re not enough for the trails when I’m challenging myself.

Yes, I should learn to roll when I land, and I’ll try that too, but I need something in the meantime.

I’ve been using Hillbillies wrist braces. They’re not only padded, they have hard plastic guards to protect against impact.

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I definitely agree with Duff, Wrist guards are what you need. I never ride with out them.

YES, I also agree with Duff and Bug72 ! A padded/thicker glove, palm down grabs and rolls the wrist stopping the hand on impact, breaking the wrist. (seen it on two people) thick leather slides. A wrist guard for skating would be better in a fall situation. Absolutely learn to roll out as necessary, hands and wrists are delicate. Protective pads/guards are better to handle impacts, suit up for new fun!

Is it possible to grab the handle and operate the brake fairly well with these wrist guard gloves? I wasn’t thinking of them because I thought they would interfere with holding the handle securely.

I don’t find them to be much of an impediment, but I’ve been using them for most of my time unicycling. What I do find though is that when you’re armored up it gives you confidence to do things you wouldn’t otherwise do and that helps you learn faster.

I was researching some “padded gloves” recently, too, and found that Hillbillys or similar was what I needed. I had a hard time finding someone selling them though, and I got the impression that the producer is out of business: The website will forward you to a website selling f(x)nction shredder wrist guards. They look very much like Hillbillys, but I was unable to find more info about them, so I didn’t take the chance to ship them overseas.

I also considered the Triple Eight Hired Hands, which are even burlier than Hillbillys. In the end though, I just went for some standard skateboard-type wrist guards.

They won’t be in your way when holding the handle or T-bar or when operating the brake. The only downside to wrist guards is that you have to take them off when removing or putting on a jacket, but that’s a minor price to pay.

It looks like the actual company that “makes” them is MBS mountain boards. They’re cheaper there.

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I boycott Amazon, doesn’t ship to Norway, and the is out of stock. Anyway, I’m happy with my wrist guards.


They take a little getting used to. I have no trouble operating my brake, I do feel a little fatigue using my t bar, that I attribute to the wrist guard. When I feel discomfort I ride no handed for a while or alternate hands on the bar. I will note that hand fatigue and numbness are common in all kinds of cycling, I experience it on my mountain Bike during long rides… My guards have the road rash to prove they have saved me more than once. I use Killer Pads bought on amazon,

Hillbilly full finger for me. I wouldn’t ride without them.

I wear size XL so no problem with holding the bars/saddle and operating brake. People with small hands might.

Yup, what most everyone is recommending, HillBilly full finger wrist guard gloves. I did roll out of a UPD once and rolled over the hard plastic palm protector part of the glove and crackrd a rib. Still, I don’t ride without them.

I did buy the HillBilly gloves. They will definitely protect my hands and wrists, but I cannot grip the bar as well as I would like with them so uphill is more difficult and braking is a little harder. I will probably get used to them, but I think I will try to find something in between the protection of these and usual bike gloves. I feel like I’ve swung too far on the pendulum towards these.

Currently I’m using the HillBilly on the right hand and a regular bike glove on the left as it is my usual bar gripping hand. A little goofy, but that’s the nature of a unicyclist… At least I’m getting some protection.

I haven’t tried, but I’m guessing you can remove the plastic guard from the left glove. There is still a significant amount of padding behind it.