PA unicyclist

looking for PA unicyclist.thinking of starting a unicycle club or just getting to know unicyclist from the alleghney area

I’m from PA, as well as my friend Pat. We live about 45 minutes away from Harrisburg, and like 30 minutes from Pottsville.

Hello, I live in Mount Joy, 15 mins from lancaster and 30 mins from harrisburg. I’d love to find more people to ride with, but so far, there really aren’t any unicyclists around who ride regularly. I think it’d be cool to start a muni ride once a month.

Not sure what you mean by Allegheny. National Forest? County? College? Is there a town by that name too?

We ride here in Butler, PA on an increasingly regular basis. Every Sat. at the YMCA, 4:30-6:30 pm (free! Sign a waiver and wear a helmet). It’s nice to have an indoor place to practice in the winter. Next spring we also plan on building some obstacles at the local skate park.

I ride a lot of MUni too. We’ll be doing a group ride Sat at 11am at North Park. If you’re looking for street in this part of the state I don’t know of many organized groups other than possibly one at Slippery Rock University. I’m learning some stuff, but I’m not that great.

The Wonders are a club in the Washington PA area. From what I know they do a lot of standard skills and performance type of unicycling.


i live in latrobe and i might drive one saturday to butler and ride with you guys if i can
how many riders are there

Has anyone ridden the new trails at Raystown Lake?

I’m from Mechanicsburg, just outside of Harrisburg. I also attent IUP in Indiana, PA. I mostly ride muni, and would love to ride with others!

I am also in PA 45 minutes from Harrisburg same as Eli and Pat

I live in NJ just outside of Philly

dude, pm me! i spend a bit of time in harrisburg, and i’m always looking for ppl to muni w/